Thursday, October 16, 2014

wedding tour 2014

Look at me! As promised, I am actually going to recap our vacations! We packed two cities and two weddings into 14 days...

Our trip to St. Louis was originally planned based on Katie's wedding. It turned out that it was also Cooper's first trip back so we got to make an extended vacation out of it. This meant that I got the "opportunity" to fly out to St. Louis alone with both boys (Scott joined us a week later as we stayed for 10 days).
My crew and our luggage. Scott helped me get it in the door ;-).
The flight actually went ridiculously smooth. Noah is a rockstar flyer and Cooper apparently is already following in his big brother's footsteps. The most entertaining part was probably when all three of us got to journey to the airplane bathroom together!
Now picture this in a teeny tiny bathroom!
Snack and an iPad...the keys to airplane success!

And this guy...he's just always happy!
Once we arrived we wasted no time filling our schedule! We had two sides of the family to introduce Coop to, plus lots of close friends to see. This trip to St. Louis was extra nice because both of my parents are now retired so we got to spend a ton of quality time together.
Coop and his Great Grandma (my mom's mom)
And with my dad's mom. How lucky are my boys to have two Great Grandmas to snuggle them?!
Playing chase with Grandma!

St. Louis is full of amazing places to take kids. We opted to visit the zoo and Museum of Transportation this time around but I look forward to adding to that list as both boys get a little older. Noah loved both experiences. He was especially excited to see the elephants at the zoo as San Francisco doesn't have any and we have been promising him elephants for months! Every time I go back to the St. Louis Zoo I am seriously impressed by just how amazing it is. Again, so excited to keep taking the boys as they grow.

Watching the seals with Papa. Two peas in a pod!
Seriously, best zoo ever.
He couldn't be bothered to take his eyes of his beloved elephants!
Museum of Transportation. Noah was really excited to get to climb in a caboose (and I love hearing him say it!)
He and Jillian are amazing friends and playmates. They pick up right where they left off no matter how long they go without seeing each other.
We tried to go apple picking. Noah freaked out about a tractor and we ended up picking exactly zero apples.
Of course, taking two boys out of their routines and home doesn't exactly mean that we were all super rested this vacation! Noah travels really well and adjusts to the time change pretty seamlessly. Cooper was a bit of a different story. I know one day he'll be easy peasy but this trip left me waking up a time or two extra a night and him needing to be held a lot. Luckily there was time for extra naps with all the extra hands on deck!After a week of bachelorhood, Scott joined us in St. Louis for the main event...Kate's wedding! Katie and Chris got engaged on Christmas Eve and we have been waiting for this day ever since. All of the festivities were perfect (I expected no less with Kate in charge) and it was such a fun weekend celebrating an amazing couple.
My very hot date!
Right before the ceremony! Kate looked stunning!!
The newlyweds!

My and my momma!
After a night of partying like we were in college again, it was time to head back home. We loaded up our ridiculous amount of luggage and boarded our flight home...thankfully with an extra set of hands this time (although both boys delivered another great flight).
A new Ducati toy, just like Papa's, also makes flights go off without a hitch!
Seriously, who packs this much?! And my parents really have almost everything we need at their house already!
We landed late Sunday night and pulled a few necessities out of our luggage but left 98% of our bags packed and strewn across the house as we were off to Tahoe on Wednesday...
All of this went in the car. Plus all four of us. The angle is bad but that is 4 suitcases, two pack n plays, golf clubs, two coolers, a Boppy, and a handful of misc. smaller bags!
Somehow we packed a ridiculous amount of luggage (seriously, how is it possible that two small people require so.much.stuff?) into the car with zero room to spare and hit the road. We lucked out on traffic and made fairly good time. We had to make two stops, one for food for the big people, and one for food for Coop, and by the time we made it to Truckee everyone was climbing the walls of the car.
Something about a trip to Tahoe makes In N Out a necessity. It is the only time I ever eat fast food and it is sooooooo good!
Really glad I had the whole fam with me for this pit stop. It was a little eerie!
Guess what, Grandma & Papa were there! And thank goodness they were. I really don't know how we would have managed the logistics of this wedding without them. I was a bridesmaid, Noah was a ring bearer, and Scott was the officiant which kept us pretty busy. We kicked of the festivities almost the moment we got there as the bride-to-be bunked with us on Wednesday night.
We made it! Could the lake be prettier?!
It was pretty much mandatory to get pre wedding massages!
Noah and his two favorite people on earth! I am good for snuggles but these two deliver all the fun!
A little fun at the lake on Friday morning.
Coop caught a few zzzzzz's.
Nervous Noah sticking close to Grandma.
Once again, we celebrated an incredible couple who mean the world to both of us. My brain and eyes are tired from the length of this post so I am going to let the pictures continue to speak for the amazing weekend we had.
Friday night we were treated to a pre-pre-wedding dinner at Sunnyside. Noah was obsessed with all the boats.

Coopie in his new hat. I brought a bunch of his hats with me and not a single one fit!! I had to run out and grab this one and it is sized to fit a 1.5-2.5 year old. Love my boy and his big noggin!
The welcome dinner the night before the wedding was at the incredible Martis Camp. Kristina and Nick organized all kinds of fun games for the guests as you can see above!
Scott and his Mama.
Look at this matchy family! I intentionally dressed the boys the was seriously just happenstance that Scott & I matched too!
Kristina and Nick thought of absolutely everything and pulled off an amazing wedding in an unbelievable setting. We had so much fun the entire weekend!

Ah the life of a breastfeeding bridesmaid!
Noah spying on the set up below. Those suspenders are just too much!
The beautiful bride and me!
These two pretty much made all of these weddings possible for us. Not to mention it was just great to celebrate with them!
Sillies with my boy!
"Hold hands, Mama". The mantra of his life right now.

They had so many adorable details.
Oh that face.
Our wedding family.
Finally, it was time to pack up our family and head home and get back to our normal routine. We actually managed to make it all the way home with zero stops!!! It definitely feels good to be home but I still can't believe the weddings are over. It has been so much fun planning with these ladies and it was so special to be a part of their big days.
Until next time...

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cooper: 4 months

Apparently we are sticking with monthly blog posts for the time being! I always have the best intentions of blogging more often but by the time we get the boys down for bed all I want to do is snuggle up with my hubby and watch some TV. That said, let's talk about what we've been up to the past month (and more specifically, what Coop's been up to).

Doctor Updates: He is developmentally right on track and the doctor was impressed with his desire to stand and just how strong he is. Something tells me we might have another early walker! 

We also got the ok for sleep training and starting solid foods. We are waiting for both until after our next trip but after we settle back in we are going to start working on sleep and getting him into his room with his brother! 

We were also a little worried that Coop might be allergic to Nana. While the doctor said it is a bit premature for allergies, he said getting him out of our room (where she sleeps) and into his room should be helpful. We can also start Claritin at six months. 

One shot this month and he barely whimpered! He is such a trooper and spent the rest of the day as happy as ever!
Happiest baby ever!
Height & Weight:
15lbs. 10oz. (45th percentile) 
25.5in. (55th percentile)
Head: 44.7cm (99th percentile!!!!) 
Hello blog friends!
Eating: This was a big change this month. After tormenting myself over it, we decided to introduce one formula bottle daily for Coop. With all of our obligations over the next month or so I needed to be able to store more breastmilk. The trade off was giving him formula for his last bottle of the day. I was a mess leading up to the decision but once he gobbled up his first bottle it was like it was never a big deal. He still breastfeeds all day (and night) and I have a healthy stock of milk in the freezer for when I have to be away. I actually think that this decision could lead to a longer nursing relationship for us as I feel so much more free and relaxed about it all. 

Whew, beyond where his food is coming from, he is eating like a champ. We nurse on demand throughout the day and he eats anywhere from every 2-3 hours. I am much more relaxed with this this time around. With Noah, I would be baffled if he was hungry before he "should" be. This time, I just feed him whenever he feels so compelled and we are both happier for it!

Couldn't you just eat him up?!
Sleeping (naps):  I don't think Coop even knows what a nap is. His nap schedule is anything but. We pretty much just go with a morning nap about an hour after he wakes up and then he sleeps again throughout the day after about 2 hours of being awake. It's definitely hard to establish a routine with pick ups, drop offs, errands, and Noah's activities! I imagine when he is old enough to go to 2 naps a day we will settle into a routine.
Napping at TT's on the floor. Totally setting a routine, right?!
Sleeping (at night): Coop goes down for the night at 7:30pm (after bath and bottle) and typically sleeps until 2am. Then he makes it to 5am. Then 7am. We had a little fun with a four month sleep regression where he wanted to wake up at 11, 12, eat at 2, and generally just be held all.night.long. I think we have turned the corner on this but it was a rough few nights.
Noah loves his brother more and more each day. Coop is completely obsessed with Noah! It makes my heart so happy to watch this bond grow.
Clothing:  My giant baby is in 3-6 month or 6 month clothes. This is such a difference from Noah as Noah was always (and still is) behind his age in clothes. I swear I get new clothes out and he is too big for them one day later. I absolutely love it!
Noah on the left, Coop on the right. Same outfit, two months difference in age!

New this month: Formula. Almost rolling over! First airplane flight.
These boys were both amazing flyers!

Cooper likes: Chewing his hands! He always has his hands in his mouth and is becoming a bit of a drooler. He also just loves people, especially his brother. The thing that makes him the happiest is having someone to goo and gah at!
I got this while I was getting ready for Kate's wedding. Fun to have some grown up time but so hard to be away from this face!
Cooper dislikes: Not much. He is a really, really happy baby. I think he is like most babies (and adults for that matter) in that he doesn't like being hungry or tired! Otherwise, he is a pretty even keeled guy.

Ok, I am going to commit to another post to talk about our St. Louis trip! It's definitely a trip to remember so I am really going to try and get that post written ASAP!