Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cucumber Retchless: Week 19

Yes, we missed week 18. I didn't even take a picture. And, you will notice, this week I am not wearing the designated weekly photo shirt. I was already dreading these weekly photos and clearly not being as on top of them as I should have been. I realized that a major reason for this was the mandatory outfit I selected. So, I decided to throw my "rules" out the window and just get a picture taken each week, regardless of the outfit. I would rather have each week chronicled than be missing weeks here and there because I just wasn't up for putting on a white tank top.

So, without further ado, let's catch up...

How Far Along: 19 weeks.

Size of Baby
: The length of a cucumber.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Probably around 10. The scale sent me into a tailspin last week so I really might just throw out this category.
Maternity Clothes: I finally pulled them all down and I am happily rocking a few shirts but my maternity pants are still swimming on me. I can still wear a couple pairs of my normal jeans and all my Lulu stuff so I am just re-wearing the same thing over and over and over!

Movement: Still little flutters here and there.
: Heartburn. I never had this with Noah but have had a couple of really bad bouts over the holidays. I am sure this is a combination of eating a ton of rich, indulgent food along with being pregnant. Hopefully with Christmas behind us, the heartburn is too.
What I Miss: Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. The holidays were/are rough. Reading all these posts back make me think that a 12 step program might have been a good Christmas gift (kidding, of course)!   
Girl or Boy
: Boy! And, my mom knows his if you would like to take a run at her, odds are she will spill the beans!
Belly button In or OutInnie.

Stretch Marks
Nope. Never got any with Noah so I am hoping that is my good fortune for this pregnancy, too. 
Cravings: Sweets. I have zero self control in this department which is so unlike me. There are some New Years resolutions on the horizon to tackle this "problem".

Best Moment This Week
: Christmas by far! It is definitely crazy to think that next year we will be celebrating with our two boys!
Almost half way!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's a....


Yes, I am officially outnumbered in this family (it was even with Noah, Scott, Me & Nana). That said, we could not be more excited! As you read last week, Scott had his dreams of a little girl...but now that we know that this little baby is a boy, we are truly both very excited. 

I am really most excited for Noah as I think that having a brother to do all things "boy" with will be pretty special. I am sure I will retract these words when there is jealousy or a full blown wrestling match going on in my living room, but to watch these two grow together and form a relationship as brothers will be really really amazing. 

Some answers to questions that you might not even ask:
  • Why not make the sex a surprise? When I was pregnant with Noah, Scott wanted to wait to find out...I pulled the, "I am carrying this baby for 9 months and have a major Type A/OCD personality so I win". That said, my compromise was to make #2 a surprise. When this pregnancy rolled around, Scott decided he couldn't wait to find out! PHEW!!!! 
  • Right now there is zero chance of Baby #3. I will never say never, but as of right now, this shop is closed after May.
  • Name. While we have pretty much settled on a first name (middle is still in debate) I think we will keep this to ourselves until this little one makes his appearance. There was something special about sharing Noah's name when we announced his arrival and I think we will do the same for this little guy.
  • Sleeping. As with most newborns, this little one will camp out in our room for a few months. When he is ready for his crib, he will move in with Noah. I am not sure that this is the forever solution, but for the toddler years, they will be housed together!  
I think that is all the big stuff for now. If you have any questions, fire away.  

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sweet Potato Retchless: Week 17

Ummm, we are three weeks away from hitting the halfway mark. Where is the time going?!

I am super excited today because on Monday we get to find out if this sweet potato is a boy or girl (I have my very strong inclinations, cough cough boy cough cough) but it will be so exciting to get the final verdict. That said, here is the conversation at our house lately:

Steph: It would be really fun to have two boys. They will fight, sure, but they will also have such a great friendship (I hope anyway).

Scott: But, a little girl.... (he trails off with a look of wonderment in his eyes)

Steph: Well, you were responsible for this portion of baby making so I can't help you there!

Scott: I guess if it's a boy we'll just have to go for #3.

Steph: Leaves room.

Scott brought up today that I just don't seem as cheery so far this pregnancy. And that is partially true. Allow me to explain...

I am THRILLED to be having another baby. I am really looking forward to a snuggly newborn and a sibling for Noah. I was just looking back on pictures of an infant Noah and got all giddy and excited. (Please remember, parents get amnesia for what happens other than snuggles in the first few months of life...there are no sleepless nights or crying!)

What I am not excited about is the 9 months of being pregnant thing. The first time it was so new and shiny. I loved getting my weekly updates and reading about what our little one was doing inside. This time, I delete them 99% of the time or roll my eyes about what new and scary dangers are lurking in my home for my unborn child. What I finally concluded is that I will probably embrace this pregnancy around my third trimester, when I have a real bump (not just an ever expanding midsection, thighs, and butt) and the holidays filled with parties and occasions for me to miss my sparkling wine have passed. 

I can't imagine I am the only one who finds the second go around a little less magical?! I feel like a horrible person typing this as one day the growing little potato inside of me will read this. Hopefully Baby understands that I don't love them any less, just the process. Maybe I can liken it to assembling Ikea furniture. The first bookshelf is kind of fun...reading the directions, working with your partner to get it all put together, and finally using the piece you worked for seven million hours to build.  But then imagine being sent a couple more to put together...not nearly as fun! It just starts to look like a lot of wood, nuts, and bolts.

How was that analogy? Good, bad, completely ridiculous?

Regardless, that's where I am. Please take away from this that I am so very thankful and blessed for this little person...just being honest about my current emotions. 

Ok, positive notes: I am still feeling great! And, thankfully, my intense desire for sweets has chilled out. Also, we are gearing up for a final Bay Area holiday push and it just gets more fun as we get closer to Christmas. I think I'll do a separate post on Noah this holiday season. Suffice it to say, he is really making it all that much more special! 

I'll leave you with my 17 week picture and a promise to bring some cheer to this ole blog early next week! 
Hello sweet potato!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Grapefruit Retchless: Week 16 {and other random happenings}

I am only a touch late this week, and that is because of a computer malfunction (which magically fixed itself, hooray for Macs) so I am calling this post a win! 

I hopped on this scale this morning and it is looking like I am up about 6 pounds total so far. This is exactly the amount I had gained with Noah at this point so I am really happy about this. I actually went into this pregnancy about 5 pounds lighter than I did with Noah but expect to round out at about the same final weight. I have a weird theory about lighter people gaining more weight during is based on exactly zero medical facts so I will keep the details to myself! BUT, I believe I will gain closer to 25 or 30 pounds with Grapefruit versus 22 with Noah. 

In other news, I feel great! My energy is 100% back and I feel strong and motivated. I have been true to my posts and have upped the hiking/walking while continuing to go to Bar Method regularly. Noah has, thankfully, embraced sitting in the Bob while I huff and puff around the Dish for an hour! My eating has been so-so but I am sort of embracing that. I don't indulge much when I'm not pregnant (wine is my empty calories), so I am taking the caloric deficit the wine left to enjoy a few more special treats.
Pushing this guy up hills is no joke. Kristina, please come take over!!!
Well, that was boring...weight and food. What else? We have been busy now that the holiday season is officially upon us. Holiday parties, Christmas shopping, preparing for travel, and regular day-to-day life has kept us hopping. The good news is, I feel up for all of it (aside from a few too late nights which made for a cranky, sober, pregnant wife!) and I am looking forward to the crazy that awaits in St. Louis. 

A few lot of pictures from some recent fun. 

We took Noah on his first real train ride. He LOVED it and wasn't happy about the getting off to get lunch part.
He looked so big sitting by himself in his seat.
We visited Santa (before Thanksgiving...the shame!). No hysterics but he still isn't a fan of the big guy.
We played in Mom's boots. He gets super silly in the evening and we have so much fun watching his antics.
I turned 30 and was spoiled rotten!
Lunch at the Rosewood. Love these girls.
We took selfies in the mirror. Ps-my Invisalign is done, and my teeth make me happy!
We learned how to dip the animal crackers right in the peanut butter jar.
We hosted Thanksgiving and I got some very special snuggles in with baby Leonardo!
We took our annual day after Thanksgiving trip to Napa. That sweater looks like a tent...and I thought it was all "chunky and cute".
We immediately took down the turkeys and put up the Christmas! Noah was a huge help ;-). Also, toys are taking over my house...we are going to have to move to make room for all Noah's stuff!
Nana is tired of being told she can't eat the decorations.
Noah had his very first school pictures taken. My heart actually can't handle the cuteness.
These two continue to make my life brighter every day.
Yet another annual...we made our trip to San Francisco for some delicious lunch and shopping.
2011. Noah was all of about 4 weeks old.
We braved the craziness that is Union Square pre-Noah as well but failed to document it as we lived there and didn't really think much of a quick trip downtown ;-).

Well, I think that about gets us up to date. Hope your holidays are off to a great start!

**I'll add in a 16 week bump picture as soon as my photographer gets home from work! 

***a friendly reminder that I am much better at keeping up with Instagram so if you would like to find me there, I am Steffy7210.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Orange Retchless: Week 15

Oh, man! I was doing so good staying on top of my blogging and here I am super late on my update. I have forgotten all of my fun anecdotes for the week and I am just going to knock this out with some quick answers:

How Far Along: 15 weeks-ish. Since baby is measuring ahead, I could technically be considered 16 weeks today.

Size of Baby
: Orange (5 inches)!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 3 pounds. It's funny, I looked back to my post at 15 weeks with Noah and I was all kinds of whiny and I feel the same this week with Baby 2. I just feel like I am gaining weight in my thighs/butt and I am really not thrilled. So, I am going to step up the walking/hiking around here to hopefully keep everything in shape until May!

Maternity Clothes: Not quite yet. Some days I swear I could use some elastic and other days my regular jeans are just fine.

Movement: Still little flutters here and there.
: Not much. Since my dad reads this, I will put this a nice bras are getting too small. This was not a symptom I had with Noah but with this baby it is a bit out of control...not to mention uncomfortable.
What I Miss: Not too much. Feeling pretty even keel these days. 
Girl or Boy
: Doing another check on the 16th. Hopefully little one cooperates this time.
Belly button In or OutInnie.

Stretch Marks
Nope. Never got any with Noah so I am hoping that is my good fortune for this pregnancy, too.
: I still have a sweet tooth but I am not really craving anything too unusual otherwise.

Best Moment This Week
: Picking a boy name! We have about 5 on the short list for girls that we both love but the boy name was giving us a headache. I think we finally settled on a winner though! 

Happened to be in a grey shirt today and didn't feel like switching to white. Back on track Friday!