Monday, November 22, 2010

No, I didn't quit blogging

I just got so ridiculously behind I couldn't dig out.  That, and with the new camera I take 10 times more pictures making getting through all of them a bit of challenge.  Since no one pays me to edit and post my photos I am here, almost a month later, playing catch up.  

So, here it is...a tiny glimpse into what we have been up to since I talked to you last...

We joined the Strand Fam for Halloween.  We took out one cute little mermaid, the UPS guy, and two pomeranians for some trick-or-treating fun! 

Scott and I had a wonderful date night.  We started at Bin38 for some wine appetizers and then headed off to our favorite, A16 (thanks Mom & Dad!) for food, wine, and more food and wine! 
Yes, there was prosciutto and burrata, and that was just to start.  We ate and ate and ate! 

The Giants won the World Series...
Yep, I had front row standing position for the parade! That is Buster Posey in that trolley! 

We had the Retchless Family over for a little get together.  We always have fun when we get together but don't do it often enough so we have put the wheels in motion to change that! 
All of the sisters made the trek up to the city for a BBQ!  However, I think Andrea's risotto put our burgers and hot dogs to shame!

Beth brought a fun game..."Guess what is in the Altoid box!"
I ended up winning (it was a cookie shaped like a witch's finger-yep, I somehow got the point where I was able to guess that) and we got a Giants special edition Sports Illustrated.

We bowled...
Please note Scott's 181!!!  Who knew I had such a bowler on my hands.  I would also like you to note the possessed determination on my face in the bottom left picture. 

We went to a Gala (click on the photo to see all the pictures)!  
This Gala was for the Lung Cancer Foundation.  It was a very serious, yet fun night.  There was a silent auction, live auction, dinner, dancing, presentation, opera singers, and a night cap at the Top of the Mark!

We went to a 49ers game:
We went on my first visit to Candlestick Park.  It is a bit like stepping back in time and my only real complaint about the experience was the lack of big pretzels available for my consuming pleasure!

Ok, so that is the VERY short version.  I am going to try and update on the coming week/weekend before we get to next weekend and especially before I let another month pass us by.  

This week is also exciting as it is my birthday AND Thanksgiving.  Quick fact, I was actually born on Thanksgiving!  What happens when you are born on Thanksgiving you ask (and no, you do not have a innate sense for how to cook a turkey)?
Well of course, you have a Thanksgiving tree and enough turkey decorations to take a house by storm.  It takes me two GIANT Rubbermaid bins to store all of the decorations I have inherited...purely for being born on the 24th of November.
Happy Thanksgiving.  I'll be back next week!!

ps-not sure what is up with the formatting but at least there is a post!