Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I am not sure if having a head cold qualifies me as "sick" but it pretty much has me quarantined in the house.  With Scott traveling, this = BORING!  Normally I would say, "it's just a cold" and get on with my normal activities (working out, cooking, cleaning, etc...) but the last time I did this I ended up with pneumonia so I am trying to be a good patient and just rest.  Adding to this cold is jet lag.  I got home from Scotland on Sunday and the time change has me waking up at odd hours (5am-ready to go) and trying to avoid napping in hopes of adjusting back to California time.  Not the best way to kick a cold!  

Well, enough ranting about the cold but maybe this will give me the opportunity to catch you up on the trip!  I haven't blogged yet because frankly the idea of trying to recap 10 days of travel is a bit daunting.  Hopefully I will have some posts for you today!  

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I have a few quick minutes so I thought I would quickly update you on the past few days!

We made it to Scotland successfully and have been on the move ever since!  So far we have hit Edinburgh, Ft. William, and Inverness with about a zillion stops along the way.  Today we are on our way to Perth and then we head back to Edinburgh the following day (by way of St. Andrews). 

I will give a more full report when I get home but wanted to try and throw up a few pictures so you are enticed to read my play by play when I get back!  

Another fun day ahead...

Trafalgar Square in London (Lindsay, mom, me, Erin)

Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness

I found Nessy!  And she even let me pet her :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

A quick update

Hello from across the pond! I would say Scotland or London but right now we are somewhere in the middle. We spent the past two days in London and are now taking a train up to Scotland for the continuation of our journey.  And a journey it has been!  

We pretty much saw London on hyper speed, taking two walking tours and plenty of self guided ones.  I brought my running shoes to work out but that has been 100% unnecessary given the amount of foot travel we have done!  

A smattering of things we have done/seen:
  • the Virgin Atlantic clubhouse...we spent a good 4 hours here while in New York waiting for our flight.  Many laughs and lots of fun (and lots of free food and drink)
  • a comatose trip across the Atlantic (thank you Ambien!)
  • the tube...I think we have spent enough time navigating this system to consider ourselves experts
  • Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Sting's House, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul's (where Princess Diana got married), London Tower, Tower Bridge, Crown Jewels, Ceremony of the Keys, Jack the Ripper tour, Prince Charles (we think)...that hardly begins to touch it but at least you get an idea of all of the running around.

There are so many little stories to tell (don't worry, Cayce is keeping a nice journal!) but the wifi on the train is extremely slow so I want to keep it short so it will actually upload!  

One quick note...the morning commute in London is CRAZY!  I thought there were a lot of cyclists in Boulder but it does not hold a candle to the insanity of London.  Plus, there are no bike lanes so it is a little sketchy!  There is also a large amount of motorcycle traffic in the city as well that behave like California motorcycles but, again, more sketchy with the weaving in and out of traffic.  Glad we weren't driving :)

Hopefully more to come but no guarantees!  (sorry, no pictures, with the wifi this slow it would take too long to upload...plenty when I return)

Friday, March 20, 2009

The view from 35,000 ft.

(somewhere south of Lake Tahoe-there is a lake but apparently not Tahoe according to my in-flight map. Yes, I am that girl taking pictures out the window!)

Hello from 35,000 ft!  I couldn't resist the idea of having internet on an airplane and paid Virgin America the $9 for some wifi.  I actually enjoy not being connected on airplanes and tend to take this time to write or just enjoy my thoughts but the novelty got me!  So here I am...blogging.  

My first Virgin experience has been quite good thus far.  When we boarded I did feel a bit like I was boarding an international night club but now that we are up it is pretty much flying as usual (with some pretty spectacular in flight entertainment).  

For the record, I am on the first leg of my journey.  Erin Eilene and Phil came in last night and spent the night in San Francisco and this morning Scott dropped us all off at SFO.  Phil is headed off for some skiing in Colorado.  Erin and I are on our way to JFK to meet up with the rest of the ladies on our adventure. 

Well, with 2,362 miles left (on this flight), you might here from me again.  

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Last Post

True to my blog title (which I really dislike and have been contemplating changing) I am on the move again.  Luckily, this time not a permanent move, just vacation!  On Friday I leave San Francisco for Scotland (with a few bonus days in London).  This is a pre and post 60th birthday celebration for my mom, aunt Toni, and aunt (kind of-but let's just keep it simple) Cynthia. They all turn 60 in consecutive years so we are taking a girls trip.  Why Scotland?  We're Scottish! 

Those traveling (thank you to everyone's Facebook for the pictures)...
Mom and Me
Erin Eilene (no Phil on this adventure)
Cayce and Lindsay
Lindsay and Cynthia (again, no boys allowed, sorry Jim)

The way this boils down...my mom and me, Erin Eilene is Toni's daughter, Lindsay is Cynthia's daughter, and Cayce is our cousin.  

If Erin Eilene's bachelorette party is any indication, this is going to be one fun trip!  

A pre trip thanks to Toni and Cynthia...we definitely would be wandering around like lost tourists without the two of you and all the planning and hard work you put in to this trip.

To my readers, I am bringing along the computer so hopefully I can blog from abroad!  If not, prepare for lots of entries when I return.

Well, I better get to packing!!!  

Monday, March 16, 2009

Back Up

A quick post about Friday...

As I mentioned, Scott and I headed to Houston's for happy hour.  It was nice and sunny so we sat out on the patio and enjoyed some wine and the spinach artichoke dip (which Scott recreated for the party).  

It was another great afternoon/evening.  I will definitely miss these evenings while I am in Scotland.  I truly enjoy the relaxing time after the week and of course, enjoying our time together. It's funny how we spend every night together but somehow these Friday happy hours just feel extra special...    
Soaking up the sun
I thought it was funny that we sat across from where the Alcatraz tours leave from.  When I first moved to San Francisco I decided I wanted to work there (at least until I found a real job). Scott thought this was hilarious but was anxious to see my khaki ranger uniform! Unfortunately, getting a job there wasn't as easy as I thought so I gave up on my dream of seeing all the secret parts of the prison.  Yes, that was my motivation.  I always want to go to areas where the public can't (I felt the same way on Ellis Island and at the Palace of Versailles). 

1st Annual

Saturday Scott and I held our first annual St. Patrick's Day party. It was (in our opinion) a great party and we are looking forward to year #2. We have already started planning :)

The fridge ready for a celebration!

Outfit 1 (Irish Flag)-I ended up changing since we decided I looked like an Oompa Loompa!
The hosts
Kristina, Scott and Michelle
Kayla (sporting an adorable outfit!) and Kyle
Scott was attacked by one of the cupcakes
Poor Charlene was pretty much holding me by herself (the oompa loompa shirt came back out-it was cold!)
Thanks for the Jameson, Kyle!
Me, Lola (partied out), Renee, Aimee, and Charlene
Karina surrounded by the kiddos.

I think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Thanks to everyone who came-it wouldn't have been the same without you!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Ok, a few more things...

My love and hate from today's clean:
This stuff is GREAT!  I used it to clean pretty much the entire house today.  I recommend picking up a bottle-no more carrier with 20 bottles in it!  

HATE (yes, mom, I know hate is a very strong word)

This mop stayed wet only long enough for me to clean 1/2 of the bathroom!!!  It is not a big bathroom.  Took me 6 of the silly cloths to get through the house.  Very frustrating...

A quick update

Another week full of fun here in San Francisco!  The weather has been nothing short of wonderful so I have been out and about a lot.  Monday, Lola and I headed out for an impromptu afternoon at Chrissie Field with Kayla and Chrissie (shocker, I know).  Tuesday...what else?  Ladies Who Lunch.  Hank joined us again for some fun in Washington Square Park.  We enjoyed the nice day and crazies wandering around the park.  Especially the one who started going through our trash and trying to take my can while I was still drinking out of it! 
The church where Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio got married (although we believe they got married at City Hall and just took pictures here?)
Kayla working on getting Lola a treat.

Wednesday/Thursday business as usual.

Today I have been baking and cleaning for 6 hours!  It would be much more glamourous if I had on my best 50s housewife outfit, but, no luck...just sweats.  The reason for this craziness is that we are having our first annual St. Patrick's Day party tomorrow!  Instead of telling you about it before, I will post pictures after...but here is a preview!
Lots more to tell but it is time for me to get ready to meet Scott for happy hour.  Today we are going to Houston's to try out a potential dip for tomorrow's party!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

On the Go...

We have been so busy this weekend I haven't even had a chance to catch up with my blog.  No excuses for the end of last week, just wasn't inspired!  

Friday Scott came home from work and we headed up to 24th Street for a little happy hour (my favorite way to go out-always home by 8!).  It was nice to just take an evening stroll and enjoy all that our neighborhood has to offer.  We took up two stools at the Dubliner and were very happy with our local Irish bar.  There were definitely a lot of regulars and even a handful of true Irishmen!  

After enjoying a few beers we headed a few doors down for some sushi.  We tried a new restaurant and it was very unique.  The restaurant was very small (Scott said it reminded him of Tokyo a bit-although from the sound of it our restaurant was still about 3 times the size of the ones he visited there) and cozy.  The restaurant was different in that their selection of rolls was extremely limited (the salmon/mango roll=amazing) but the fish was extremely fresh making eating tons of nigiri a treat!  We will absolutely be making a return trip soon!

Saturday, what else, Napa!  Scott and I started the day at Gloria Ferrer for some champagne (technically, sparkling wine).  The day was unbelievable-warm and sunny-perfect for sitting out on their deck to enjoy some bubbles, bread and cheese.  Without getting too sappy, it was very romantic and it was wonderful to spend a few hours taking it all in with Scott.
From there we decided to take an unexpected trip over to Joseph Phelps.  The grounds were once again, GORGEOUS, and the wine was absolutely tasty.  Now running late, we boogied over to Nickel and Nickel to meet the Strand family.  
Kayla reading her wine literature.
Practicing her walking!

Off to Far Niente...
Chrissie and baby #2 with the collection of vintage cars
Too much wine!  Time to go...

We decided to head to an early dinner back in the city at Presidio Social Club.  Kayla was one happy girl, throwing her head back laughing and practicing her walking around the restaurant. I was personally a huge fan of my burger :)
That finger puppet is too funny!
Chrissie and Kyle looking great

Fast forward to Sunday...Scott and I decided to take another journey to the beach.  This time we drove down the coast a bit further to Half Moon Bay.  Another beautiful day-a little windy but no complaints here.  The drive was stunning and we picked out a few more beaches we want to visit on our way there.
Me and our beach dog
This starfish washed up while we were walking

As you can see, it was a great weekend!  Looking forward to many more!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For the record

My two cents on The Bachelor...

In order to spice up the show and make people keep watching it went something like this:

Jason to Producers (or whoever is in charge of this stuff): I love Molly I am going to pick her.

Producers: How about this...you pick Melissa and propose and have America fooled until finale night.

Jason: But I don't want to be with Melissa.

Producers:  You don't have to be.  We will let Melissa and Molly in on the deal.  Since we have to keep the winner secret anyway and you can't be seen with her, you can have your secret relationship with Molly instead of Melissa.

Jason: What's the point?

Producers: When the finale show comes around you are going to break up with Melissa and profess your love for Molly and you two can live happily ever after.  Great for ratings and discussion (case in point-this blog)

Jason:  I don't know...

Producers: You signed a contract and so did they...sucks to be you!

Jason: ok.

In the meantime they were all signed up for some mediocre acting classes to prepare for this dramatic "after the final rose ceremony" episode.  Melissa wasn't really dumped, she wasn't REALLY chosen to begin with and Molly jumped back into his arms because they have been together all along! 

The End.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Flash Back

Let's go back...

When looking for the Academy Awards picture I discovered lots of old pictures of Allison and me. No, this does not count as my "out of the ordinary" post for the week, I just thought the pictures were fun.

For those who don't know...Allison moved in next door to me on Pine Run when I was 5 and she was 6.  We have been best friends since :)
Apparently we were both "sick" on the same day ;).  From what I remember I didn't feel too terrible!
Allison, Cocoa and me at Lost Valley (I can never remember if that is the right name)
Little Lauren making her cameo...she is 14 now!!
Jump ahead to Allison's sweet 16.  Susan, Allison and I
If you check out my pocket closely you can see my pager!  Yes, pager!  Right, we are also sharing a jacket.  Definitely the cool kids in school!

Allie's birthday at the ballpark.  It was some kind of ice cream day...
Flashing forward yet again...Allison gets married!
What are best friends for?  To fly to Austin, wake up at 5am and spend ALL DAY in the Texas heat on your feet watching your silly friend do a half ironman...oh, while pregnant!  You're the best!!

Ok, a bonus picture (that has nothing to do with Allison and me)...
Proof that once I could eat crab!  By the way, I am pretty sure I currently have this same hair cut!

Ok, back to 2009!

Weekend Recap

I am starting to think my blog is becoming a bit boring.  It is pretty much just a calendar of events with pictures.  That said, I promise to post at least once this week about something random and out of the norm from the usual reading.  I will also try and get my guest blogger to make his appearance!

That said, this weekend really started for me on Friday.  Claire was out for a girls weekend and invited me to crash their lunch on Friday in the city.  We headed down to Union St. for a little Mexican food and shopping.  After catching up and realizing that we couldn't afford anything in the boutiques (although one lady did offer Amanda 30% off a sweater-business is bad!) the girls set off for Union Square (there isn't an H&M in Colorado!!) to try their luck there.  It was great to catch up with Claire and hopefully I will get to see her again soon?!  Sooner if she wins the lottery (Scott and I are moving into your mansion with you if you do-I'm sure it will come with a guest house)!
Of course, what would a weekend be without bath time?!  Kyle got a shipment of wine delivered on Friday so we headed over to help him try it out.  Oh, back to bath time.  Our favorite time of day at the Strand fam's house is bath time!!  Miss Kayla loves to splash and play and it is always fun to take part.  After the munchkin went to bed we enjoyed some dinner and a mean game of Apples to Apples with Kyle coming out victorious.  
Kayla showing Scott all her teeth!

Saturday, the bug that had been going around Scott's office finally got him.  We did a lot of vegging, sleeping and movie watching!  

Sunday was a lot of the same until about 4 when Scott got a bit of energy and suggested a trip to the beach.  Who am I to turn that down (even though it was raining)?  We packed up the monster and jackets and headed out.  Turns out the weather wasn't half as bad as expected. Overcast and humid (a nice beach humid, not Missouri in July humid) but warm!  Lola enjoyed her first real beach experience playing tennis ball in the sand. 

The Pacifica Pier.  Believe it or not, we met Lola's twin on the pier!  There was another black pom that looked EXACTLY like her named Ozzie.  And I thought Lola was an anomaly! 
I was a bit overdressed for the weather!

A very relaxing weekend and just what we needed!  We have been on the go since I arrived in December and were looking forward to a weekend with no agenda.  

More soon...