Monday, April 28, 2014

Swiss Chard Retchless: Week 37

Size of Baby: Big enough to join this little family!! But really, probably around 6.5 or 7 lbs and 19+ inches. I am still in great fear of the size of his noggin!

Workouts: Can't really remember but not nearly enough for the quantity of food I consumed on our little getaway to Napa. I feel like it is getting harder to fit everything in between napping and nesting ;-). 
Maternity Clothes: Yes, but the sun is shining in good ole California again which makes it maxi dress season...hooray!
Movement: Oh yes. I am pretty sure is going all Andy Dufrain in there and working his way out with a very small rock carving tool. Seriously Coop, get a sledgehammer and let's do this!

Symptoms: Narcolepsy. I seriously cannot stay awake. The minute Noah is down for a nap I hit the pillow. Not good for productivity.

What I Miss: Wine. Still. With Noah, the feeling went away at some point. With Coop, a week hasn't gone by that I don't want my evening glass. 

Girl or BoyBoy!
Belly button In or Out: Out! 
Stretch Marks: Nope. 

Cravings: Pineapple. I came home from the grocery store with one and Scott looked at me a little puzzled. It just jumped out at me as something I had to have in the moment.
Best Moment This Week: Babymoon! We spent Monday through Wednesday on a last minute getaway to Napa and it was amazing. We ate like kings, Noah was a Saint, and it was so nice to just disconnect from responsibility for a bit. 

Back to taking pictures of myself...better than nothing, though!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Romaine Lettuce Retchless: Week 36

Size of Baby: This is quite the interesting field this week. Last week I had another appointment at the doctor and my belly was measuring a bit small (I tried to tell her that Mr. Cooper thought under my ribs was a good camping spot) so we did an ultrasound just to double check that all growth was on track. The quick answer...yes.

The long answer...indeed my uterus is jamming under my ribs and I also have a super long torso which gives Coop a lot of room to spread out and make me measure a little small from the outside. Upon taking some measurements of Coop we learned that he is averaging out at about 37 weeks (that was last Friday so we are at about 37.5 now)! That would make his "due date" May 9th (it is currently May 18 or 23 depending on who you ask). The real kicker is that his head is measuring 38 weeks. Yes, lots of room for brains...but also, ouch. They also estimated his weight at slightly over 6 pounds. I hereby welcome him at any time! I have no interest in delivering a 9 pound baby!

Workouts: 3 Bar Method Classes, and a few Nana walks. Good news, our Nana's hips checked out and we are back in our walking routine. I am so happy to be back on track with our nightly 45 minute walks!

Maternity Clothes: Yes. And really struggling with my "coming home" from the hospital outfit. I am struggling between maxi dress or some comfy pants. The amount of time I spend thinking about this decision is alarming...

Movement: I can now feel him simultaneously kicking my ribs and knocking on the "exit". It's like he is stretching out as far as humanly possible (for him and me)!

Symptoms: My brain...oh my brain. I think I have said it before but if it isn't written down in Sharpie, I will forget it. I am also super tired again. Not as much physically tired, but sleepy tired. I have picked up the naps again and have had zero trouble falling asleep moments after my head hits the pillow (it usually takes me 30+ minutes to fall asleep at night). I've also been sleeping pretty great the past few nights. Soaking up all those moments as they are numbered at this point.

What I Miss: Being able to comfortably sit and read to Noah. I can't snuggle in the rocking chair without Coop jamming a foot under my rib or making me sit perfectly upright.

Girl or BoyBoy!

Belly button In or Out: The turkey baster that is my belly button says this baby is done!

Stretch Marks: Nope. 

Cravings: Nothing. However, enjoying the last few weeks of eating pretty much what I want. While I don't tend to indulge much in my pregnancys I am savoring the extra snack or two each day! 

Best Moment This Week: Seeing Coop again. It really is the best. Watching his little body practicing breathing and knowing that he is healthy and big enough to greet the world is such a great feeling. I will say I am now on the edge of my seat waiting for something to happen. It could be a long 4 weeks of waiting if he decides to hang out in there!

In other news, I am working my way through my to do list like crazy now. The news he is measuring big gave me the kick I needed to get those last minute items and pack the hospital bag. If you follow me on Instagram (Steffy7210) you know we are on vacation as well. Just a quick 2-nighter to Napa for a little Babymoon. I did my due diligence and researched local hospitals juuuuuuuuuust in case. Ok, back to my little family of 3...need to soak up every last minute! 

My giant hand is making the bump look super small here!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Honeydew Retchless: Week 35

Size of Baby: 5.25 lbs and 18+ inches long. Dude, he's a honeydew. That is no joke to carry around 24-7!

Workouts: 3 Bar Method Classes, and a few Nana walks...our girl is having some hip/leg (TBD Thursday) issues so there has been a lot of R&R around here. 
Maternity Clothes: Ugh...I dislike all clothes unless they are size XXXXXXXXXXXL! I just want to wear a Mumu from here to the end. 

Movement: Swift, firm jabs. He is definitely losing space to rock and roll and the movements are more precise and mostly in my ribs or low, low, low.

Symptoms: Pregnancy brain remains. I think the pregnant waddle has officially set in as well.

What I Miss: Just generally being a non-pregnant person. I shaved my legs last night and it was seriously some kind of Cirque du Soliel act. This belly is grandiose and very much in the way (remind me of this when I have bump envy in about a year!).

Girl or BoyBoy!
Belly button In or Out: Out! Scott looked at me last night and said, "do you have an outie?!". Oh, yes I do. Turkey baster says this baby is cooked!

Stretch Marks: Nope. 

Cravings: I'm actually becoming a little indifferent to food. Nothing ever really sounds great and I don't find myself very hungry either. The main reason I remember to eat is because I get very grumpy when it is time to dine! My boys all appreciate me grabbing a snack at this point!
Best Moment This Week: Getting a ton crossed of the "to do" list. While my workouts were slim this week I more than made up for it with the amount that I managed to jam in on Sunday. We cleaned, organized, shopped, etc. ALL day. I also ordered all of the remaining "buy before Cooper" items and when the mattress arrives tomorrow we will be all set (and I'll work on a room reveal for you). With the arrival of our final order for Cooper, Scott and I are both in disbelief over the size of the newborn diapers! Hard to believe they are that quickly we forget! 

Had a hard time with the picture this week.
This one cracks me up the most. We were headed to Noah's soccer class and it struck me as funny that it looked like I was carrying a soccer ball under my shirt!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Cantaloupe Retchless: Week 34

Size of Baby: 5ish lbs. and 18 inches.

Workouts: 3 Bar Method Classes, 1 Dish hike, and 6 Nana walks. I accidentally spotted my weight at the doctor this week. Same as my delivery weight with Noah. I freaked out for a little while and then realized there was nothing I could do. I am staying extremely active, eating well, and really doing exactly nothing different than I did with Noah. So c'est la will be what it will be.

Just a random picture of my favorite two year old. While our morning at Happy Hollow (see symptoms below), it was worth the swollen feet to make him this happy!
Maternity Clothes: Yes. And the non maternity tops I try to wear are starting to get a little short! 

Movement: Holy mover! I swear Coop is more active than Noah. He pretty much assaults all areas of my mid section constantly. I don't think he is staying head down at this point as it seems he is rocking and rolling all over the place!
Symptoms: 1. Fatigue. I am starting to feel very pregnant these days. The little tasks are getting more and more challenging as the days go by. For the most part I just power through (not a lot of choice with a two year old) but I find myself napping more often than not. 2. "This baby is going to fall out" syndrome. I never had this feeling with Noah but when I got on long walks (i.e.-the Dish) I seriously feel like Cooper might just fall out. It is especially apparent on the downhill and leaves me feeling a little nervous. 3. Forgetfulness. You have to tattoo things on my forehead or I forget them. Even lists are proving ineffective. I went to the grocery and had pancake mix on the list. Didn't buy it. It's actually alarming how poorly my brain works in this department lately!

My nesting/DIY/to do list is also an uncontrollable symptom. Almost have the boy's room complete!

This is something I wish wasn't on that list. Leaky pipes in the side of your house are really not awesome.
What I Miss: I don't necessarily miss any one thing. I am at the point where the fatigue, hunger, sleeplessness, seem to be permanent so I am looking forward to remembering that these are all related to pregnancy and that once I am recovered I will get my groove back! 

Ok, I will revise this to say doing things not permitted for pregnant people. Our gutters are a mess and I would desperately like to just scurry up a ladder and get the most offensive ones taken care of. I don't mind doing house work and it actually bugs me more to have to nag Scott to do it. #housewifeproblems

Girl or BoyBoy!
Belly button In or Out: Out! 

Stretch Marks: Nope. 

Cravings: Still can't get enough pretzels and chocolate chips.
Best Moment This Week: Another doctor visit (every two weeks now!). I got to see the little guy and hear his heartbeat. That seriously never gets old. My cervix is apparently softening but this also apparently means nothing at this point. Dr. R said I can go about my daily routine and don't need to change anything at this point. Not much else notable from my appointment...which is a good thing! Happy, healthy mom and baby! 

Scott took the picture, finally! Hooray!