Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Holidays Begin

It is FINALLY starting to feel like Christmas to me. Despite the fact that the radio stations have been playing Christmas music for over a month it just hasn't seemed to sink in. Luckily, the temps have finally dropped, snow started falling, and I have relaxed enough to just enjoy the season.

Between finishing up packing and starting to finalize things at work, I managed to fit in a few days of skiing with my Dad. He flew in on Friday and we headed up to Winter Park for two days of carefree, fun! Well, turns out that Saturday is the second coldest day I have ever skied! It was about 4 degrees, extremely windy and snowing. We ended up stopping after every run to thaw out. Silver lining...the snow was INCREDIBLE! We only made it to 2:30 but were sufficiently worn out from the cold and exercise. Today was much better with the sun out and temps up.

Made it back to Boulder safely this afternoon for some more packing, laundry and couch time. Lola was treated to a mani/pedi (nail trim), bath and brushing. We did manage to squeeze in what will probably be our last walk around our little north Boulder neighborhood. Below is a picture of a local trail at sunset tonight. Although, I know San Francisco will have a lot of beautiful walks to offer us :). That and some great company!

Well, Dad and I are watching Christmas Vacation for the millionth time so I had better get back to it. It doesn't matter how many times I see this movie, I still laugh out loud through the entire thing.

Merry early Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A little fun

The stress of moving and all that has to be done has finally set in. Luckily Friday night I got a little reprieve from the craziness of packing and finalizing my life in Boulder and attended my last Crocs Holiday Party. The past three have been fabulous and I expected nothing less of my last one. Good news, it delivered!

The day started with my final drive to pick up Scott at the airport. It was kind of bitter sweet. There is something about having the person you love come around the corner and getting to have that rush of excitement. I am sure there will be many more airport moments with each of us traveling for this and that. I think I will go ahead and be happy that we don't have to travel every weekend any more (FYI-it ended up being about 9 weekends straight that one of us was going back and forth).

After a little R&R we headed down to the party. I think I will let the night speak for itself in a few pictures.

The PR ladies...Claire, Tia, Shelley, and me (some big shoes to fill!)

One last "Sweet Caroline" sing along

They swear they are coming to visit!!!

Well, uploading is taking way too long so there is a preview. The rest of the weekend was great, as always. Lots of packing, relaxing and good food. While we were hoping for a cancelled flight on Sunday, Scott made it out (after a drive to the airport on ice and snow pack in -7 degree weather) and back to SF. One more week and all of this over!!!
More soon...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As I promised yesterday, I am here with more pictures of the new house in San Francisco. I am extremely excited to get in there and fill it with all our things and make it a home.

It is funny how much stuff you realize you have when you start packing it all up. After living in my house in Boulder for 3 years I have accumulated SO much junk/crap/stuff. I have filled half of a room with bags for goodwill and the other half with trash. I swear when I leave for work every day the stuff multiplies. Oh well, it is good New Year's cleaning I guess.

It will be nice to have a fresh start in the new house with some stellar organization (I tend to be a little OCD). Here are the pictures:

Guest bedroomMaster bedroom (note the little door to the left of Scott)
Lola's back yard (I guess it is ours too)rememeber that little door? This is our ONLY closet!! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?!

The Kitchen (obviously there is some cleaning/painting going on)

I have about a zillion more pictures but I will wait to share them until there is actually furniture in the house. Looking at an empty great room isn't very exciting.
I feel like I could ramble on all day about how excited I am to move and this journey, but life here in Boulder is calling. More soon...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Well, this is my blog

Hello, friends!

After sitting staring at the "create your blog name" screen on for weeks on end, I have finally settled and here I am. While I am not completely satisfied with my blog name, it is fitting for the many aspects of my life you will be reading about on here. For example:
  • The big move...I am packing up Lola and the house and headed west to San Francisco.

Miss Lola (aka monster, bucket, fishy, princess, etc...)

The house (more pictures soon)

The reason :)

  • Skiing-since it is now winter this is the active "moving" you will be hearing about for the most part I have a feeling. Although, probably won't get as many days in as I do in Colorado.
  • Triathlon-my summer sport (or I guess sports). Triathlon has been a part of my life since 2004. I like to say I "participate" in these events, not "race" or "compete". It is definitely a hobby to keep me in shape.

Well, that is a preview. Much more to come on all of this!