Sunday, March 21, 2010

Couch bound

Hello from the couch! I am pretty sure it is becoming formed to my body at this point. Funny that about 40 hours can seem like 4 days when you are tied to one place. You see, I am not the best at being taken care of. Sure, I have a lazy moment here or there but in general I am a "doer" and like to be up and moving around. Having to ask for a cord to plug my camera into my computer (which I also had to ask for) isn't really my style. But, I am dealing and Scott is doing a great job at making sure I stay put. So much as a squeak from the couch and I hear, "Steph? What are you doing?" Honestly, I am not sure what I would do without him. I imagine the novelty has worn off by now but he is still a trooper about taking care of me. I think I'll marry him :-).

So, how did it go? According to Dr. Mah, "it was like finding a needle in a haystack". At first I thought that was rather entertaining...then the numbness wore off. I have had a few knee surgeries (all arthroscopic) and they don't even hold a candle to this one. I'll spare you the whining and annoying details, but let's just say, "ouch".
Checking in...6am is not my finest hour!
Getting ready to go in!
Most painful pre-surgery portion was the IV. What a weird place for it!
One hot hat!
My rock. Nothing like getting up at 5am on Friday to sit in a waiting room! Thanks, Lovey!
Out of the OR. All I remember about this was that I was FREEZING.
Back in the room...groggy but happy to be glass free.

One funny story (in hindsight)...we were supposed to hit the road for Twain Harte this morning to visit Scott's mom. So, I washed my hair (in the sink), we packed up a few items and set me up in the backseat of the car. All of about 10 minutes into the car ride, on the on-ramp to the freeway, I sat up and asked Scott to pull the car over. Up came everything post surgery. Yuck. Kind of sad that doing "too much" at this point is simply washing my hair and getting in a car. Looks like taking it easy is going to take on new meaning.

Tonight Scott, Lola and I snuggled up on the couch for some movie time. We watched The Invention of Lying and Up in the Air. Unfortunately I fell asleep during Lying (silly pain meds) but what I saw was funny. How can it not be with Ricky Gervais? Up in the Air was wonderful! So fun to spot Lambert St. Louis airport, too!

I will leave you with a picture of my puffy foot. Really looking forward to having normal sized toes again (and a pedicure)!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Wow, I got so distracted between my foot and honeymoon I almost forgot about everything else we have been up to!

Sometime in the past couple of weeks Scott and I tried yet another new restaurant (to us) in the city, Perbacco. It was a great date night complete with yummy Italian food and wine. I wouldn't put this at the top of the list but it was tasty and I wouldn't mind going again (although I wouldn't be the one booking the reservation).
This past Saturday we headed back to the Presidio Cafe for our food tasting for the wedding! Nothing like a huge meal at 10:30am. We sampled two appetizers we love and will be serving and three entrees (and lots of delicious bread-you should come to the wedding for the bread alone). Two of the entrees were delicious but one fell flat. As a result we will not be providing steak as an option for the big day. It was a less than desirable piece of meat, chewy, fatty, and just not great. The salmon and chicken tie in my book and both are quite good for "wedding food". When have you ever gone to a wedding and said, "this is the best meal I have ever eaten?". We are just aiming for good and something to soak up all the beer and wine!
On the way home we ran into the Strand fam. Crick and the kids were headed down south so Kyle, Scott and I headed to K&L for a little wine tasting and shopping. We sampled lots of delicious Spanish wines and even took a few home. Of course, a bottle of Cava because we all know how much I love my sparkling wine!
Sunday was a gorgeous day in the city (I think the rain has FINALLY gone). Scott is still running the 10K in August and needed to get a run in so we headed down to the beach. Scott ran along a path nearby and Lola and I went to the beach for a little fetch and people watching. Let me tell you that the beach in Northern California is not what you might typically think of when you envision a beach. On this particularly beautiful day I ended up in capris, closed toe shoes, long sleeve t-shirt, and puffy North Face vest. Not exactly "lay out and get a tan" weather here.
Lola seemed to enjoy it though!

Ok, now I think I am officially caught up!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

This busy little life...

Well, to say that our life is uneventful would be a lie. The past couple of weeks have been eventful to say the least!

Let's rewind to February 13th. A lovely little Saturday in the city (you might recall this as I briefly mentioned it in a post shortly after). Scott and I were gearing up to go to the Presidio Cafe for a little lunch and to hit the driving range. On the way out of the house there was an unfortunately incident with me and a wine glass. I knocked it off of the coffee table (empty, left from the night before) and in an effort to hop over a glass I knew was going to break, I hopped on it. Big oops. Once we invesitgated the injury and deemed there was no glass in my foot, we bandaged it up, put me on crutches and I watched Scott hit golf balls.

Slowly the foot got better and I even started running on it. Something still felt a bit off so I decided it was probably best to see someone. In my mind I am thinking, "oh, I am just running funny since this cut isn't 100% healed". So last Thursday (one month post incident) I begrudgingly went to the doctor. They took an x-ray just to have a look and said they would get back to me on Monday. When the x-ray tech said, "wait here, I want the radiologist to take a look before you go" I knew something was up. And, low and behold there it was...a shiny piece of glass hanging out in my foot.

The little (3/4") guy went in right in the arch of my foot. It is the dagger shaped thing going the wrong way in the middle of these x-rays.
Of course, the general practitioner wanted to take a cut at it and see if she could get it out (mind you before checking out the x-ray). No luck. Off to the podiatrist. Friday...podiatrist just couldn't pass by an opportunity to have a go at extracting the little bugger so he cut open my foot again (we are up to three now...initial injury, dr. 1, dr. 2). Guess what? NO LUCK! Soooooo...Friday they are sending me to the OR for the official glass extraction.

SERIOUSLY?! That is what I keep thinking. I have gone from training for a 10K in April to swimming around in the bathtub with a plastic bag on my foot because I have stitches in my foot and can't get it wet! At least after Friday I will be on the official road to recovery. I am ready to get moving. I have a dress fitting on May 4th!! Luckily a little foot injury doesn't hinder ab and arm workouts.

During the foot debacle, Greece was having a bit of a debacle of their own. Running out of money, riots, etc... As you may recall we were planning on taking our honeymoon there. We figured we wanted something a bit more low key so we changed directions, pretty much overnight, and booked flights and hotels within a week! Seems to be our way of doing things...too much thought can make a person crazy so we go with our gut (at least on all wedding related items). So now we are off to ITALY. We are going to explore parts of the country that neither of us have visited.

Stop 1:
Hotel La Minerva-Island of Capri
Stop 2:
Locanda Del'Amorosa-Tuscany

To say we are excited would be quite the understatement. Two very exciting things to look forward day and honeymoon (I guess that is pretty standard but we are just THAT excited).

Hopefully things will slow down a bit before then but I am not going to expect anything! At least I get a little nap on Friday :-).

Sunday, March 7, 2010


A week late but a recap nonetheless...

Last weekend Scott and I packed up and headed south for Scottsdale to meet my parents and Dennis and Derry for a weekend of fun in the sun. Unfortunately the sun wasn't cooperating the way I would have liked but we had fun anyway.

The guys had one thing on their We sent them off to the course everyday and the ladies did a little exploring around town. We did art shows, galleries, old town, sushi, the Biltmore.... Along the way bit of a theme popped up...


Might seem strange, but really it wasn't. Dennis and Derry have two miniature donkeys, Dusty and Benji, back in Missouri (along with two horses)
Dusty and Benji
Our first stop once we got in was dinner at the Spotted Donkey. GREAT food and of course a lot of donkey paraphernalia.
Derry also got herself an ass of steel in Arizona...Rusty!
Mom with her obsession...Frank Lloyd Wright architecture at the Biltmore.
What would a night (er, weekend?) be without some beverages?
Our terrific outdoor fireplace!
Scott playing his air guitar on the way home from dinner (we all preferred that to his singing!-sorry, Scott)

It was a great weekend full of GREAT food, company, drinks, and many laughs and fun. When can we go again?!

Ok, the red carpet has begun...time for me to honor my mom's favorite holiday...OSCAR NIGHT! This year I am on the hunt for great up do's that I can copy for my wedding :-).