Monday, July 27, 2009

Prep for 13.1

I failed to post about preparing for our half marathon!  

This really is the fun part because it involves eating LOTS of carbs.  While I can't say I am one to ever stray from the pastas and breads of the world, I try to keep it in check.  Saturday, all rules went out the window!  

We started the day with a trip to the expo to get all of our race gear.  This expo was huge and VERY crowded.  That said, there is something about being with all the other athletes that gets me fired up to race!  

Then, a yummy lunch at Left at Albuquerque's.  Dinner, Italian!  Mexican and a heaping bowl of pasta all in one day.  Not really sure where I put it all but it was delicious and did the trick to get me through the race.  
Scott had to put the napkin up to ensure no food, I mean fuel, went to waste!
Don't interrupt me with pictures...I am eating!

One other fun discovery I made while prepping for the race was KT Tape.  I saw their booth at the expo and there was a long line of people waiting to get taped up.  I was tempted to check it out and see what they could do for my knee/IT band but decided to move along.  Lucky me, there was a sample in my race bag!  I found great instructional videos on their website and taped myself up.

Above pictures are the finished product.  While I was hoping for IT band instructions I couldn't find them so I went with the "runner's knee" taping.  While I know this is not the source of my knee troubles, I figured anything was worth a shot.  WOW!  I taped my left knee and by the end of 13 miles it felt much better than the right.  I won't say I was ache free, but it was definitely a nice support for all of the pavement pounding I did.  I am excited to learn more about what this magic tape can do for me!  Much better than any brace or bandage I have ever tried in the past.  

And that is my PSA for the day!


We made it!  13.1 miles through San Francisco.  
The day started with alarms going off at 4:30am!!!  Funny, on race days the time just doesn't matter.  The anxiousness, excitement, and adrenaline completely take over.  Unfortunately for Scott this leads to a lot of nervous energy and a need to get to the race extra early!  

The gun finally went off at 6:18am and we were off.  I made it to mile two before needing to take the first potty stop (followed by another at mile 4)!  My only complaint about the organization of this race is that there were not enough port-a-potties at the start line!  

The first five miles of the race went by like a breeze and then the "fun" began.  The hills.  We started our journey across the Golden Gate Bridge only to realize the bridge is NOT flat!  It has a nice gradual arch.  After we made it back across the bridge the hills kept coming.  While we knew the first half (it is actually a full marathon and you can choose to do the first or second half) was harder I don't think we anticipated just how trying it would be.  Miles 9.5-11.5 were pretty brutal.  

Luckily, we persevered and came upon the finish line!  It is funny how all of that knee pain and soreness suddenly disappears with the finish line in sight.  

Plus, we got our first glance of our only supporters for the day, Crick, Kayla, and Tanner! Chrissie hauled them all to the race, navigated the crowds with the double stroller, AND managed to find us.  Not to mention she was a terrific chauffeur so we didn't have to take a cab home.  THANK YOU to Crick and kids for coming out to support us on race day (and take pictures)!

Team Strand showing their support!
Finishers with Miss Kayla
I used to laugh at these blankets/sheets/foil that I used to see people walking around with...turns out they are REALLY warm.  A nice treat after 2+ hours running in mist and fog!
Scott wasn't a fan so I wrapped him up in mine :-)
After the race we decided some food was necessary and headed down to Squat and Gobble.  Of course, bubbles were in order!
Cheers to Kayla too!

It truly was a rewarding journey and day.  It was great to be able to cross the finish line along with Scott!  While he could have run off and left me behind to run my 10 minute miles, he stuck out all of our training and all of race day with me.  Doing 13.1 with your #1 supporter is much more memorable than doing it by yourself!  Thanks, Scott!  

Next race...bridge to bridge in October with Crick and Kyle!  It is a 12k which I am sure my body will appreciate.  The soreness has officially set in and I am now hobbling all over like a 90-year-old.  

Time to find some Advil...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What were you doing... year ago this weekend?  I was on a trip to San Francisco, enjoying the evening with the Strand fam and my parents when along came a friend of Kyle and Crick' walked Scott.  That was on the 18th.  After another dinner on Sunday night and a ride to the airport on Monday it is safe to say that things were never the same.

As I have said before, this blog is not my relationship sounding board, but we did have a nice weekend celebrating that fateful weekend and just how far we have come and all the we have experienced.  

Our celebration started with a 10 mile run...oh, wait, that wasn't part of it.  BUT, we suffered through it and feel ready to take on 13 next Sunday!  

Saturday night we continued our food exploration of the city with a trip to RNM.  It is a quaint little restaurant with great atmosphere.  The food was very good with gnocchi that melts in your mouth.  

Above, me at dinner, below, Scott at dinner!
Scott made sure I couldn't share his meal with him!!

After dinner we made an unexpected visit to where it all began.  Kyle treated us very nicely and served us some fabulous wine (as usual) and of course, we enjoyed the company.  

Where it began a year ago!
This did not happen last year, but obviously, he makes me happy!

It was an incredible weekend and has been an incredible year.  We decided that if we can make them all as good as this one we should be set :-)!

Happy Birthday Hanna!

After a rather uneventful week in the city, we headed to Redwood City to celebrate Hanna's 6th birthday.  

It was great catching up with friends and enjoying the gorgeous weather!  We enjoyed some great BBQ and a delicious homemade banana bread cake (banana bread with frosting-just my style). As usual, a wonderful time at the Hyland's.  

Pictures tell the best story...
Kayla taking her first tire swing ride.
With two of them there overseeing the action she still managed to fall in the middle (my fault)
The older kids put on a great show for us (video below).
Hanna and Paisley snuck up and got Scott on the tire swing!
Kayla was a little too young for the other show so she popped out from behind the curtains a bit later!
Lola got to come along for the celebration!
Ian, Logan, Hanna, and Lucas waiting to dive into the cake!
Paisley got her own cake and was clearly VERY happy about this!
Present time!!
Yet another show by the kids.  This one was Hannah Montana karaoke!

There were some adults around chaperoning these kids but the kids are just MUCH cuter than us so I forgot to capture any one else :(.  Next time!  

The video I promised above...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not much to report.

Not much going on in the land of "Stephanie on the Move".  As a matter of fact, I barely moved from the couch all weekend.  While this was entirely my fault (although I am blaming the Strand fam) it really made me upset on day two around mile 5 of our 9 mile run when I was forced to walk or risk passing out.  After choking down a jug of pedialyte I am up and running again.  Well, not actually running (a few off days), but I did manage this today...
Chrissie, Kayla, Tanner, Lola and I all went on a walk to Cal Mart.  I got to work on my posture and back muscles (not to mention coordination-don't trip over the little black dog with a baby strapped to your front) with Tanner in the Bjorn.  Shh...don't tell, but I actually like toting the little guy around in the Bjorn (this might now be a permanent fixture).  

On Monday we took a trip across the Golden Gate Bridge (one of Kayla's new favorites) to Corte Madera.  On the way back we literally watched the temperature go from 85 on one sideof the bridge to 64 in San Francisco!!!  It just plummeted as we crossed the bridge.  Just another example of the wacky summer weather we have here in the city.  Looking forward to September/October!  

Well, not much else to report.  Just loving spending a few weeks at home enjoying each other, our friends, and our city.  

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July-Burbs Style!

After a fun trip to San Diego with Marleen, I packed back up and headed back the following Thursday!  This time Scott was with me and we jetted off to see the Matoso family and celebrate the 4th.  

Scott has been doing this for the past four years but this was my first time to get to meet Kelly and the kids and see their home.  We had a great weekend of running, walking, pool time, beach time, movie time, relaxing, playing a variety of sports, eating, get the point.  We were busy and it was a great time.  I could go through the weekend minute by minute but I will share pictures instead...
Coleman guarding the goal
Tos showing off his throwing accuracy
Brody LOVES getting the hose out and watering, well, everything!  Here, Coleman got ahold of it and gave Brody a bit of a shower.
I oversaw the water fight from a safe distance with a frosty beverage.
STANLEY!  He is such a sweetie.  
Abby (Scott's goddaughter) and Scott taking a rest from all the action
Kelly cooking up yet another fabulous meal!  I would go back next year just for the food alone!
One of the fabulous perks of the burbs (I LOVE the burbs) is an AMAZING back yard.  The Matoso family has the full set up...outdoor fireplace, grill/bar area, swing set, dining area, lawn, hammock, lounge chairs, again, you get the point! Above you can see the outdoor couches that are ideal for an outdoor movie night (if you look closely you can see it projected on the house).
Scott and Cole playing a little frisbee in the backyard.  Look at those moves!
Scott and Mike at Kelly's parent's on the 4th
Enjoying the evening together (nice tan lines, huh?!)
Me and Mike
Kelly's family.  Her parents were great hosts on the 4th with lots of great food and drink and plenty of fun activities!  I even got to show Scott that I actually have some coordination when it comes to sports other than triathlon (I think he might love me just a little more after that)! 
Abby getting ready to take the plunge into the spool!
Scott and Brody getting ready for fireworks (notice Scott's festive shoes)
Not sure what the lean was about?  Cute picture regardless!

As you can see it was a very fun weekend.  Thanks to the Matoso family for a wonderful vacation.  Can't wait to see you all again!