Tuesday, August 3, 2010

25 Days

Time is starting to fly. I had the realization on Monday that we only have three weekends left until the wedding! I should probably start doing some of those items that are in the, "they are small and they can wait" column.

This past weekend we knocked one item off the list-wine selection. It was pretty rough to have to try lots of yummy wines from around the world on a Saturday but somehow we made it through! We did some pretty good work and, I believe, settled on some great wines for the wedding.
My kind of Saturday
Scott with our wine options
We got a bit of a kick out of the name of the room our reception will be held in. It's like they knew Arnold P"al"meranian (haha-get it) was in our life!

But, let's rewind to Friday. We went to our first Giants game in FAR too long. It was nice to be back in the stadium with beer and hot dogs (yep, no wedding diet on weekends). We lucked out and were able to join some friends up in one of the suites. Free beer=even better!
Hank, Kyle and Scott (it was orange Friday-I think only Hank got the memo)
Cousins (by the way, my hair is out of control...I can't wait to chop it!)!

Ok, back to Saturday. After some time at the Presidio Cafe we invited ourselves to the Strand Fam's house. We enjoyed visiting with the kiddos and watching Kayla open her first Barbie!

Of course, there was no down time (this is my life we are talking about) and we hopped in the car and headed down to Pacifica for a BBQ at Jeanne and Todd's. It was, of course, a great time. It is always nice to catch up with friends and watch all the kids run around and play.

Sunday we shopped until we dropped. I should mention zero of this shopping was wedding related (well, I did get rehearsal dinner shoes-that justifies 5 hours, right)! Probably not our best plan but it is nice to have some new fashions.

All in all it was a nice weekend, jam packed as always. Seems like that is going to be the theme of our life until we sit down on our plane to Italy. Although, now thinking about, I doubt much will change when we are there...too much to see and do!

Until next week...

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