Sunday, June 1, 2014

Welcoming Cooper: Part 2 {Brothers}

Night one in the hospital was fairly painless. We actually opted to let them take Cooper to the nursery for a few hours so we could both get some good sleep and recover from the previous 24 hours. 

Once daylight hit it was time to get ready to introduce Noah and Cooper. I was SO excited for this moment and had imagined it a million different ways throughout my pregnancy.

Well, it worked out more perfectly than I could have ever imagined. I have the whole thing on video but will stick to the still pictures for today...
When he came in the room he went straight for Cooper and said, "Baby Cooper!". He didn't even hesitate or seem confused by the fact that he was no longer in my was like he just "got it".
My heart might explode. He just wanted to stay on that chair and keep looking at him.
Wasn't Noah just this little?! Where does the time go?
We lured him away from Baby Cooper with the presents that his little brother had brought him. I am pretty sure the helmet would have been enough!

But it came with a scooter (and apparently some really cheesy smiles by both of us!
I tried out an idea I saw on Pinterest with the name tag. News flash...I am not a professional photographer so it doesn't look nearly as good!
Pretty sure he did 101 laps up and down the hall.
Noah's visit was nothing short of perfection. It was hard to say goodbye to him but we had another night in the hospital to get through before we could come home to start life as a family of 4. I will hopefully touch on this in another post but I was very emotional about Noah in the days leading up to Cooper's arrival and for about a week post partum. As a matter of fact, it has only been in the last couple of days that I haven't welled up about something related to Noah. Silly because he has rocked this transition but I am just super sensitive about him. I digress...

Night two we didn't send Coop to the nursery which was probably good since they would have sent him right back. Two day old babies are a force to be reckoned with. Apparently their digestive systems undergo some major changes and as a result they like to nurse...a help ease the transition. It was a long night but we had made it to discharge day! Finally time to go home! 
All packed up and ready to go!
The arrival home was also pretty perfect and Noah was once again completely smitten with his new brother. Well, for a few minutes and then he was on to the next thing. That is pretty much the story of home life...he realizes Cooper is around, gives him some snuggles (or a toy, paci, HIS bear, Cooper's lovey, etc...) and then moves on to the next thing. We don't push Coop on Noah and so far this has turned out to be a winning strategy. 
My wonderful husband got these adorable decorations for the house!
Please note the helmet. 10 seconds later, he was trying to climb in the car seat with Coop!
Noah wouldn't participate in a group shot (and, as I said, we weren't forcing anything on him) so we grabbed a quick one of the newest member and headed inside!
Also, I want to include a very giant THANK YOU to my mom who held down the fort for us while we were at the hospital. Noah could not have been in better hands and he was more than happy to spend a few days being spoiled by his Grandma (I mean, she makes macaroni for breakfast if you ask for it)! Not only did she make me feel 100% comfortable being away, she has been invaluable these first few weeks as we get used to having two kids to tend to! We just might not let her leave...ever.

I have thank yous for my dad, too, but that is up next in the first weeks at home recap! Other posts I hope to write...must haves for Baby #2 and what advice/things I wish I knew I hope to hand down to anyone who might be expecting!

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