Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cooper: 6 months

How on earth did six months go by?! I feel like time is flying with Mr. Cooper. His first birthday is going to be here in a flash. But, I'm getting ahead of myself...we have quite the month to recap. 

His little tootsies don't even fit in these pictures any more!

Height & Weight
Height: 26.5" (50th percentile)
Weight: 17 lbs. 5 oz. (50th percentile)
Head circumference: 46cm (99th percentile)

**Still the same length as brother, but now has three pounds on Noah at this age! 
One day the little one will probably be the big one ;-)!

Eating - This has taken a fairly remarkable turn this month. Coopie is about 70% on formula. I have officially stopped breastfeeding (ouch...weaning is the worst) so he is exclusively on bottles. That said, I had enough milk in the freezer for the apocolypse so he is still getting some breastmilk each day until the stash is gone. Cooper could care less whether it is formula or breastmilk and has always prefered the bottle so that was a really easy transition. 
Here Nana, maybe you will like banana!
The one hiccup here is that he is a total snacker! The main reason I decided to wean him was to help his night sleep and was hoping by exclusively bottle feeding we could ensure that he was getting a handful of nice, big feedings each day. HA! He chows until he hits 4oz and then acts like we are trying to poison him. Getting the last 2-4oz. of a bottle in him can take an hour and a lot of patience and sneakiness on our part. 
First high chair experience. HI-YAH!

Solid foods are still a challenge. He only likes pears, oatmeal completely consitpates him, and event he pears are a little bit of a battle. He just will not open up to eat! One funny thing he does when we actually succeed at getting a spoon in his mouth with something other than pears is sticks his tongue out and makes an "ahh" sound. It is like a combination between a sigh and a gag and it is hilarious!

Couldn't you just scoop him right up?!

Sleeping (naps) -When given the opportunity, Coop is a great napper. He will zonk out in his bed from 30 minutes to 2 hours. That said, he often gets his naps on the go as a result of Mr. Noah's schedule. Once we are officially on two naps a day we will make some new arrangements to make sure he is getting some solid sleep at home.
Sometimes a stroller nap is just the way we roll! #punintended

Sleeping (night) - Whoa. This baby is a lot different in this department than Noah. With Noah we decided to cry it out and he was trained in about a week. I have now been sleeping on the couch** for almost a month and Coop still has good nights and bad nights. I swear just when we get a good thing going he will refuse to eat enough during the day or at his last bottle, gets a diaper rash, gets constipated, etc...all which ensure a night wake up. On a good night though, he will sleep through with barely a peep until 5 or 6 at which point I will give him a bottle and he crashes back out until 7:30.
Yep, we caved and got a video monitor. It's kind of amazing (and addicting)!

**(I'm on the couch because Coop is in our room until he is sleeping through the night and I can't sleep with him crying or wiggling, etc... Scott has recently taken up residence on the other couch...hope our kids are comfortable in their respective beds/rooms while Scott and I sleep like college kids!)
He loooooves to sleep on his belly! We also had to lose the infant insert in the pack n play this month. He is too heavy and I caught him grabbing onto the side!

Clothing - We are solidly in six month clothes and even some 6-9 and size 3 diapers!

He's going to be a lady killer with those eyes!

New this Month -The bottle/formula thing, and some serious progress sitting. He is so close to being able to be left in a sitting position but still topples occasionally so we have to sit with him.
Our little puppy at Halloween.

Cooper Likes - People, Noah specifically, mirrors, these funny little block toys that we have that crunch, kisses on his cheeks
I'm afraid his days in his bouncy seat are numbered! This boy is anxious to m.o.v.e!

Cooper Dislikes - Being hungry & diaper rashes. Can't say I blame him on either front!
Best little face to say good morning to! Plus, that hair is kind of awesome.
Overall, if you haven't noticed, we have the happiest baby ever. Our one and only gripe is his night sleep and we will get there! Who am I to argue about a few extra snuggles with my baby?! 
He loves kisses on his cheeks. Makes him giggle like crazy!

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