Monday, January 26, 2015

Cooper: 8 months

Height & Weight - 19lbs. 12oz. Anxious to hear what his percentile is at his nine month visit next month!

You will see this face throughout the entire post. He is laughing constantly! The only bummer about this is that you can't see his amazing blue eyes!!
Eating - We really need to pick up the pace here. Coop is still on the yogurt & puree train and shows little interest in anything else. Every time we try any finger foods he acts all gaggy and won't take a second bite. He is also really finicky about what kind of food he likes at any given moment...sometimes he LOVES pumpkin, sometimes it is like we are feeding him gruel. Oh, silly baby. Time to start trying some new foods and get moving in the solids department. I did fail to mention that he is obsessed with gnawing on pizza crust and baguettes. Both are too tough for him to be able to truly bite (or choke) but they feel great on his gums and he gets MAD if you try to take it away.
He is continuing to enjoy his bottles and has zero interest in a sippy cup. We successfully gotten a sip or two in him but he won't hold it and mostly just enjoys playing with it! Bottles are getting a little more predictable though so I'll take that as a win for the month. He takes 4-5 daily ranging from 4-8oz.
Trying out brother's ice cream. Don't let that face fool you, he wanted MORE!

Sleeping (naps) - We are continuing to rock naps! Coop takes two giant naps daily. One at about 9:30am and the other at about 2. He takes a 4-6oz. bottle and then he goes in his crib awake and zonks out. He actually won't fall asleep in my arms any more which is bitter sweet! I miss the snuggles but I am glad that we don't have that crutch for sleeping.
I could just scoop him out of this picture and snuggle him!
He rarely sleeps anywhere but his bed but I love capturing his sweet face when he does!
Sleeping (night) - Things are good in this department. I think Scott and I both kind of threw in the towel on sleep training again after another bout of sickness and having done it previously (for about a zillion nights). BUT, we have settled into a routine that seems to work out for everyone so I am happy. Coop takes a bath at 6:30pm and then is down for the night at 7 after an 8 oz. bottle. He wakes up at some point between 1:30am and 4:30am for a 4 oz. bottle (the entire process-out of bed, feed, back to bed-takes 6 minutes) and then wants another one sometime between 5:30 and 7am. He is up for the day between 7 and 8am. SO, it is really one wake up and takes 6 minutes. DEAL Mr. Cooper.

Clothing - It seems we have settled into the 6-12 month category nicely. No more throwing clothes in the "too small" pile after one wear!
Baby loves to cruise around like a big boy in the cart at the grocery.
New this month - Crawling! Previously he was rocking or doing some army crawling but we are legitimately up on all fours and moving. Hardwood floors still pose a problem but overall he is mobile.
He doesn't pull up but loves to stand if you are nearby in case of a topple (there are many).

Cooper Likes - People. He loves to smile and laugh at people more than anything! Yes, Noah is probably still his favorite, but any friendly face runs a close second. We also discovered he loves the swing at the park. I think he would stay forever!
It's worth going to the park to see this face.
Cooper Dislikes - No croup or RSV but we got an ear infection and pink eye this month. We just can't catch a break this winter! Luckily he hasn't been too miserable and we got on antibiotics immediately. Maybe for his nine month post we will be able to avoid any sickies!
And, just a random story for posterity...Noah gets a sticker every day at the end of school. Half the time he puts it on my hand to wear and it usually falls off sometime between school and home. So, when one went missing a couple weeks ago I didn't think twice about it. The next day, however, I was changing Coop's diaper and had a "what is that?" moment. I am sure that you can was the sticker!!! It is totally embarrassing that I missed my baby EAT a sticker but also fairly impressive that he was able to get it down. Mom of the Year just officially went to someone else! 

I will report back soon with a post on all things Noah. Big changes for our three year old! No surprise, he is rocking them all!
This guy and those big eyes...he is pretty hard to say no to!

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