Monday, October 11, 2010

And we're off

**note that I am a week behind...another update for this weekend coming in the next day or so**

No, not off to the races or off to work...just "off".  This weekend was just one of those weekends where Scott and I both had a little trouble getting it together.  We weren't terribly motivated to do anything or really feeling very peppy.  As a result, we did a lot of relaxing.  I think it was the first time since the wedding so it was a nice change of pace (though don't expect it to last).

Friday we went to the Giants game to watch them clinch their playoff spot.  I boogied out of work at about 4:30 for the festivities and to join in the sea of orange and black that had taken over 3rd & King St.  While we had a great time at the game, the playoff spot was not secured and I took home one very depressed husband.  After a very tense weekend we finally got our spot on Sunday...go Giants!

The Hyland Family was rooting for the home team as well! 
Saturday we had a rather domestic day of going to Target and Home Depot.  Oh, Target, how I love thee and your rows and rows of items that I absolutely do not need but somehow end up in my cart. It truly is a bond that cannot be broken.  Yet, Target does leave me broke.  Without fail, $100 leaves my bank account on each visit.  I should really not be left unattended at this establishment.

I will discuss our Home Depot trip during next week's post as it pertains to a certain obsession of Scott's that can only be shared with photo documentation.

Sunday we decided to be slightly more motivated and headed out armed with gift cards to work on our registry completion!  Oh what fun it is to buy things and not have your bank account change!  We finished off our pots and pans and knife set and it might be as great as a trip to Target.  I now get excited to head home and chop vegetables for dinner with our freakishly sharp knives!

After all of this domestic errand running we felt a little bad for our cute little pomeranians so we packed up the car and headed to the beach.  Arnold Pomeranian has always been a landlocked dog so this was his first trip to the beach.  He was definitely fired up and kept attacking Lola to try and get her to play.  Unfortunately, we waited until too late in the evening and the tide was extremely high and the waves were quite angry - like Brittany Spears swinging an umbrella at the paparazzi angry!  All I could imagine was Arnold being swept up and out by the water, his little eyes looking at me and me drowning trying to save my little Snooch.  Therefore, his first trip to the beach was a little lame but don't worry we will be back and there will be a sandy salt water mess to prove it!
A beautiful day at the beach?

Scott perched on our wonderful picnic spot.  
Lola doesn't mind the less than ideal Nor Cal beach conditions!


I think that might qualify as the longest blog post about absolutely nothing of consequence.  But, there it is.  You might want to start preparing for next week because this weekend is going to be so awesome that it might just blow your mind reading about it!

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