Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Big Dilemma

Today I have opted to blog about something other than what we did last weekend or last night (we went the Giants game, just in case you were curious).  

Today, I blog about my hair.  Yes, the truly exciting topic of whether or not to cut my hair.  You see, I have worked very hard to get my hair where it is today!  Ok, so it hasn't actually been "work" but I did go through the stress of the awkward length, resisting the temptation to chop it regularly, and just generally dealing with this mane of hair I have.  
Now that I have made it through the wedding, up-do complete, I can do anything I want.  Before the wedding I swore I would chop it off at the first chance I got.  Well, I have had plenty of time and can't seem to pull the trigger.  

I love my hair short.  I actually think it looks better on me and my face but I also love blow drying my nice long hair and watching it fall to my back.  I think it is pretty.  Plus, if I cut it, I can't use this fabulous new invention! 
These are incredible.  Just twirl them in and your bun stays better than any amount of hair spray/bobby pin combo!

Let's play the pros and cons game...

Keep Long Hair:
Can shower at night and pull it back in the morning (i.e.-more sleep)
More hair style options
I haven't cut my hair in about a year! 

Looks like a mane (or pile of hay) sometimes
Makes me lazy about actually styling my hair

Chop Hair:
Looks better on my face
Can wear tiny pony on top of my head 
In a hair disaster can scrunch it and it will hold
I am pretty sure Scott likes it short better (Scott?)

Can't just throw it in a pony tail
Little pony on top of my head makes me look like I'm 5 
No shower at night option
Maintenance haircuts

Yep, pretty sure I just ended up right back where I started.  No idea what to do.  HELP ME!!!

The cute short hair
More short hair...sorry about the accessory in the picture, it was a birthday gag gift (and not even for us)
Pretty long hair
Again, pretty long hair
The previously mentioned mane (this long hair is really hit or miss)


SR said...

I love you no matter what shape, color,form you or your hair come in. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on and I am so happy and blessed to call you my wife!

Jacqueline Mariash said...

OMG tear drop! Scott you are such a great husband to Steff! I miss you guys.

Personally, I say go for the chop! It is so flattering on you.

But like Scoot, quite frankly either way you are absolutely gorgeous so do what one is more fun and makes you feel good.


Tia said...

Well sappiness aside- I vote for the cut! It is very stylish and suits your face really well! I always love the long a-line bob on you.