Thursday, February 3, 2011


Patience is not my strong point.  I am an instant gratification kind of person.  Unfortunately some times I can't control when things happen.  This could apply to a lot of things but this morning I am specifically focused on one. single. thing.

The worst news...I have to wait until April to enjoy this wonderful restaurant (it's in Scottsdale you see).  So, in the meantime I have devised a list of what I would like to have for my meal (and yes, I am apparently eating for a small family in this scenario).

For Starters:
Chips, Salsa, & Guac
Huevos Rolls
and probably some nachos for good measure

Chicken Fajitas
Chimayo Chile Rubbed Pork Tenderloin
Arizona Mac n Cheese

Smashed Potatoes

I'm getting a little full from my three entrees, but if forced I would probably choose:
Fried Banana Wraps with Mexican Chocolate Sauce with whipped cream

Thanks for indulging my food fantasy this morning.  I'll be sure to provide a full report of just how great all of my food is after my visit!

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