Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Noah News: Week 13

Ah, a day in the life of a Pomeranian!
Seeing Red - We have caught on to a little signal that Noah doesn't even know he sends us. Before the tired crankies set in, Noah's eyebrows turn red. If we are paying close enough attention it is the first sign that he is starting to get sleepy. He can be happy as a clam but when those puppies start to turn, the yawning and fussiness are right behind.
I don't have any pictures of his red eyebrows so this one of him relaxing on the lawn at Far Niente will have to do.
An ounce a day keeps the doctor away - As I have posted before, it took us a little longer than ideal to get Noah back up to his birth weight. After we got on track though we were cruising! Until last week. I did a few weigh-ins and realized that my little guy was staying a little guy. I freaked when I saw he only gained a half an ounce in 5 days and emailed our pediatrician. The verdict, "I don't expect an oz a day at this age.  If you are getting good wet diapers and poopy diapers and appetite seems good, then you can judge on that rather than on frequent weights". Someone should have send me a memo with that handy little piece of information. I had myself so spun up...BUT, the relief of knowing he is a-ok was a beautiful thing. This possible hiccup made me reflect on my true feelings about breast feeding. That is pretty much a post in itself so I will save it but suffice it to say I am more partial to BF than I thought. 
Don't stop till you get enough - This applies to me and my eating ability. I seriously feel like I can.not.stop putting food in my mouth. No sooner do I finish a meal than I am ready for a snack. This breastfeeding body is metabolizing food like crazy. It far exceeds the hunger I felt when I was pregnant. I wake up for our 6am feeding ravenous. Of course, so does Noah, so it is animal cracker city until about 10am when he is happy, full and playing on his activity mat. I won't bore you with the menu for an entire day but know I consume way too many empty calories (I really need to come up with better fast/handy snacks) and eat my actual meals like I have never seen food before.
Have to keep getting those calories to pass on to our growing little boy!
Only the Lonely - This might sound crazy but I seriously miss my little guy after he goes to bed. The first hour or so is a nice little break and I spend every moment relaxing but once 9 or 10 roles around I miss his presence. Noah and I rarely spend more than 60 minutes apart so those few hours all of a sudden seem really long!
How could you not miss this little face?!
There is no headline to sum up the love in these pictures - Last week I talked about Noah's amazing dad but didn't add any pictures. These two make me so happy.

After his nighttime bottle.
I think Scott wanted him to sleep like this all night. I finally had to be the one who moved him to his crib!
"But look at this hand!". I have to admit, it is hard to put him in bed when he falls asleep with those little hands on yours.

Naptime Update - This past week we have had some relative success in the nap department. Noah has been taking better naps in his crib when given the opportunity. HOWEVER, here is the new dilemma...I can't figure out how to get out of the house without inducing a car seat nap. If I take him as soon as he wakes up he still falls asleep and then I feel like I am depriving him of his happy play time. If I take him when it is actually nap time, he is getting away with naps in his car seat. It is pretty much a lose/lose situation. My solution: making outings at different times each day. In my head this makes sense so at least he doesn't get used to having his afternoon nap in his car seat every day.

The car seat nap.

Vino Bambino - We set off for Noah's second trip to Napa this weekend and it was much more enjoyable than our first trip. Everyone was much more relaxed and comfortable with the whole experience. Ok, maybe just me...the boys had a great time the first trip! A funny thing about taking a baby to a winery...everyone wants to be your best friend. Scott and I felt like celebrities! Noah was a huge hit amongst all the winery guests and we had a wonderful day basking in the sun and delicious wine!
Family wine tasting at Nickel & Nickel.
Noah looking thrilled (I swear he smiles!). He was probably mad because he and dad were dressed alike. No, I didn't plan it.
We discovered he can face out in the bjorn!
"Recreating" the below picture from our first trip to Far Niente (I'm impressed that neither of us has a drink in our hand...one for the record books).

And just like that, Noah will be three months old this week! We will be back late next week with a report on our first flight and visit to St. Louis.

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