Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Noah News: Week 12

Here we are closing in on three months. I hear at three months it is like a light switch goes of in little ones and they become completely different kids. I have heard it called the end of the "4th trimester", where they stop being "infants" and become "babies". 

We can definitely already see some of these changes starting to happen. For instance last week he lost his swaddle and this week...well, let's go to the headlines.

Noah Scott Retchless, Class of 2012 - Noah graduated this week from his bassinet (sleeper) to his very own crib. In his very own room. Away from his mom. This sounds much more dramatic than it really was. It all came about the same way the swaddle did...he was just not happy any more so it was time to make a change (that, and he was getting a flat spot and we all know how I feel about those). We started the transition with naps throughout the day and decided to just go for it for bed time. It took a couple of extra trips for soothing but nothing agonizing. Apparently all of us were ready for the transition because I didn't even bat an eyelash about him not being in our room any more. I was sure I was going to have separation anxiety but I actually enjoyed not tiptoeing around our room or fearing rolling over just in case it would wake him. We have the Angel Care monitor and it is my blessing. Knowing that he is safely breathing in his crib is all the reassurance I need to sleep soundly with my baby down the hall from me. 
Good morning from my crib!
Trying times - I would lying if I said this past week was all crib ponies and rainbows. It has rounded out to be a bit more challenging. Noah is definitely changing (and possibly fighting a cold) and with that change is coming a new fussiness and demands (loud ones). I read far too much and consult way too many people on the topic of sleep/play/eating and I have found myself left confused and frustrated on many occasions. I am the happiest when I just go with my gut but I start to second guess myself and worry that I am doing Noah a disservice. What am I talking about?! Mainly sleep. I feel like it is time for him to start learning to soothe himself and get a schedule going. We are still working hard on our nighttime routine but our days are somewhat of a disaster. There are cat naps, no naps, cranky periods, happy moments, and general confusion by both of us. I started reading Twelve Hours of Sleep by 12 Weeks but stopped because it just seemed like too big a jump for us (me) right now. It requires massive changes to his current routine and I just don't feel ready to go there even with the promise of reliable daytime naps and 12 hours of sleep at night. I fall into the trap of wanting to make him happy and if it means another cat nap, so be it. So here I am...going with my gut and beating myself up about it every day. Hopefully I am not creating habits that will be even more painful to break later.
I am not sure where letting your baby nap on the floor at new parent group falls into sleep training.
Meet me in St. Louis - Other than sleep, this is where the rest of my attention is focused right now. I am still running lists (that continue to change daily) of what to pack and seeking out any advice I can on traveling with my little guy. With his new screaming development I am definitely beefing up my bag of tricks for the airplane (can you plug a hair dryer in on a plane?!). Overall I am just excited to be heading back to St. Louis for Noah(and me) to get some quality time with his Grandparents and meet A LOT of friends and family that mean the world to me and are excited to meet him. 
Practicing for our trip. He snoozed for about 45 minutes like this so I am hoping he will let me put him in it to simply board the plane. That's all I ask!
Dad of the year - This hands down goes to my husband. He should also get husband of the year. I cannot say enough about how much Scott does for us and how thankful we are each and every day. I am also extremely thankful for his flexible work hours. Some moms I talk to don't get a break until 8 o'clock each night and I am so fortunate to see Scott's smiling face between 5 and 6. Granted there is still work to be done, but he always jumps in and helps out the moment he hits the door. He also makes time for me to go to Bar Method, spends time at home during the day if there is going to be a work dinner, lets me get a few extra zzzzz's in the morning and just generally makes my job as a stay at home mom easier. I wish I could take on some of his work tasks to repay him but I think his clients might be a touch disappointed by my lack of "transponster" knowledge! Scott, I love you and cannot express how much I appreciate you each and every day. Every time I look at your mini-me, Noah, I smile knowing that he is going to grow up with the most incredible role model I could ask for. We are truly blessed to have you!

Room for one more - Noah has my feet (give me a break, I'll take what I can!). I will spare you a picture of my feet but the characteristic that makes us feet twins is that there is space for an extra digit if 6 toes ever becomes the fashion. You could just slide it in right in the gap between the big toe and second toe. This foot design is also ideal for flip flop wearing. That is all I have to say about feet.
Also, Noah has giant feet...has since he was born!
Visitors  - Noah is very lucky to have had lots of visitors over his short little life. This week he got to see a familiar face in Katie AND a first time visit from Mike. 
Noah and Tos

Noah with his stripey friends.
Kate got him this onesie before he was born and he insisted that we put it on before she came to visit!

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