Thursday, October 4, 2012

Noah News: Week 47

This edition of Noah News is still being brought to you from St. Louis. As a result, the format is going to be a bit different...less "updates", more pictures and recapping what we have been up to. 
Me and my boy. This is a framer!
Screech Owl - Noah has learned an awesome new skill...screeching. It mainly shows up when he is tired but it has become a conditioned response to not getting what he wants or a means to demand what he wants. He did it in the car seat the other day and scared me half to death. Thankfully a nap turns him back into the normal pitched little boy I love so much.
Let's be honest, he can screech all he wants...look at that cutie!
Noah Tested - We have decided that Noah could do all quality testing for, well, just about anything. Not only does he have a strange affinity for picking up things that are extremely large and heavy, he tests the strength of pretty much everything. Case in point, the adhesive corner protectors for my parent's glass tables. No sooner did they go on than he ripped them off...and they were on there tight! God help my house...Noah the destroyer is on the loose.
Exhibit A: Carrying a shovel that is at least twice as tall as him.
Exhibit B: This belongs under the refrigerator. Maybe I'll make this a weekly series, "The Giant Thing Noah Carried This Week"

Some other fun happenings...

A trip to the pumpkin patch with Allie and her littles.
Jillian, Noah and Eli checking out the piggies.
Eli hanging at the top of the hay pile.
Jillian in the hay pit.
Noah in the hay pit.
I forced him to sit on this tractor. He fell off twice but I got an ok picture!

A trip to the zoo
Checking out the orangutan.
Our little family with Phil the Gorilla.
Grandma and Noah checking out the penguins.
First carousel ride. He thought it was awesome before it started moving, then was a bit stunned.

The Botanical Gardens
The littlest park goers got a ride.
Eli gave the little ones a ride in the wagon.

And, of course, a little family time.
Noah's second cousin Owen giving him his first wheelbarrow ride.
Getting in some quality time with Great Grandma aka, Grams.
And, lastly, a quick addendum to my reunion recap. I need to say THANK YOU to Abby for making it all happen. As our senior class president she got the job of "reunion organizer" placed on her. She did a wonderful job and it was great to catch up in person. I say in person because Abby has a blog of her own that I follow. I have added a link on my side bar (Live, Laugh, Run Today) and you can also get there by clicking any of the links I just made in this paragraph. I wish I had half of her motivation to work out daily. You won't see me in the gym at 5am!!!

Abby and I at our high school reunion.
Ok, off to do some more fun St. Louis things. See you next week!

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abby said...

Adorable pics of Noah!! Thanks for the shout out:)