Sunday, October 28, 2012

Noah News: Week 50

50 weeks, 50. Holy cow. Maybe the next two weeks will change my demeanor, but right now I am not having any sign of the weepy, "my baby is one", moments. I have enjoyed this year so much, but I enjoy each day more and more so I am more anxious for what is to come. Plus, one year birthday parties are pretty darn fun to plan and witness. So, as I see it, there is nothing to be sad about. Let the 1 year celebrating continue!! 

That said, things seem to be going at warp speed and I don't even know how to recap the past week and half in any kind of concise form. I am going to do a formal round up of all the first birthday party festivities rather than trying to recap them as we go (we started celebrating early this past Friday) stay tuned for that!
Ok, a preview of cake smashing. He was psyched until his hands were covered in green frosting. Then "all done, all done"!
Also, I have realized that Noah News isn't so much Noah News any is more family news. Oh, how far we have come in these 50 week ;-). 

Speaking of family, we are now a family of 3. Only three humans. No fur babies to snuggle with any more. Don't worry, Arnold Pomeranian is alive and well, so no need for a eulogy :-). But, we did have to make a very hard decision for him to go and live with his original "dad". Ever since Lola passed AP started to seem more and more miserable. I think Lola was his protector and made him feel safe in the midst of Noah the hair-puller. But lately the poor little guy was just fleeing from Noah and seemed generally unhappy. So, we decided to make the unselfish decision and let him go live in a house free of 11 month olds where he can be a couch pomeranian in peace. Being a dog free household is beyond strange but I think it is the right decision right now for our little family.
I think Snooch wanted to like Noah :-).
Let's talk baseball. The Cardinals lost. Let's not talk about that part.. But, we are talking about the Giants WINNING the World Series. What a crazy ride this week has been.
The smallest Giants fan.
We went to game 7. While the outcome was unfortunate, we had a BLAST.
Yes, my loyalty was switched about half way through the game. Hey, I AM a Bay Area resident these days.
Go Giants!
There was a lot of Panda love in Menlo Park this week. (please excuse the penguin...he was feeling left out)
Remember that foam finger above? Yeah, turns out the end that I bit off was lucky.
Here is some Noah News...we said goodbye to his infant car seat and hello to his toddler seat. While we haven't quite hit the weight limit, it was time. Noah seems super happy to be sitting up straight in his new seat and there is much less whining in the car these days (that could also have something to do with the brainwashing Music Together CD).
Bye bye baby seat!
Halloween 2012. What a fun year we are having already. This is the first time in 5+ years I have donned a costume and it was a blast. The whole family got dressed up for a night out this weekend and it was a lot of fun picking out costumes and getting into character for a party

I was seriously ready to head to the football field to cheer on the Colts!
Hottest nerd I know.
We opted for a costume that didn't hinge on head wear. There were so many adorable kid costumes but they all needed a hood or hat to complete the look. While a cowboy hat would be a nice topper (ha, pun not intended), this is what happens....
Not even on long enough to capture.
And a mustache. Not happening.
As you can see, it was a wild and crazy party! So fun to have new friends that are all enjoying our kiddos together.

Ok, I ran out of pictures that aren't birthday related so I am going to wrap this up. Please save 1-2 hours for the birthday post coming in a couple weeks. It is going to be long!

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