Thursday, November 1, 2012

Noah News: Week 51

one. more. week. Noah turns 1 next Friday. So far, still excited!! 
Is there a better way to wake up every day?
Of course, the highlight of the past couple of days was Noah's first Halloween. He has a hint of a cold so he had a couple of rough moments, but on the whole he was really excited to be outside and watch all the kids. He tried to chase all of the little ones leaving our house after they got their candy! Poor little guy needs a sibling...anyone want to donate one for a bit? Because this Mama isn't offering another one up for awhile. 
Noah inspecting his pumpkin. Full disclosure...we didn't carve a pumpkin until about an hour before the trick or treating began. :-/
We got a special Halloween package from Grandma and Grandpa!
We traced Noah's hands as the eyes for our pumpkin. Noah thought the tracing was pretty fun and wanted to do it again...or maybe he just wanted the pen?
Pumpkin carving is 100% my job.
The finished product. I love it (I could be biased?)

Yee Haw! The cutest cowboy I have ever seen (biased again?)

My boys manning the candy. Noah would really like to get the wrapper off of that Crunch Bar! He did get a Kit Kat earlier in the day...HUGE hit.
The one picture I missed was Noah freaking out later in the night when a boy in a mask came up to the door. It was getting dark and Noah checked him out for a few seconds before completely melting down. Scared does not do his reaction justice. It was one of those parenting moments where I needed to comfort my little man but couldn't help but laugh!

And, just like that, we are off to round out Noah's last week as an 11 month old. Have a great week!

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