Monday, January 21, 2013

Vacation is over.

**I wrote this post last week and was just waiting to put in some pictures. Still only one picture because the idea of leaving the little hole I have created myself on the couch to grab the cord to upload said pictures sounds horrible. So, here I sit, with a post that is out of date musing on my next one which, as always, is promised to be much more excited (and often a huge letdown!). 
When did he turn into a little boy?! Where is my baby?!
Holy holidays. I am 99% sure I just spent the last month eating, drinking, and repeating. It has seriously been a non stop marathon of holiday jubilation and a TON of dining out and drinking in excess. But, today, that all changes. It is back to Bar Method (level 2 tonight, pray for me), healthy eating, less drinking, and generally just getting back in charge of life.

In order to slap us back into reality, our kitchen apparently staged a coup against us. Our oven has been less than reliable for awhile now but somehow we kept putting off actually doing anything about it. Well, our oven decided we needed a kick in the pants and has officially quit baking (stove top and broiler still work). SO, we finally made half a decision and bought a new stainless steel stove. We decided we could make the decision on replacing bit by bit, or all at once within the next month. Well, no sooner did we walk in the door with our receipt from Home Dept than our microwave decided it was through too. If you have a toddler, you know how critical this appliance is. We will need bite the bullet and buy a new, stainless, built in one for above the stove, but fortunately Noah won't starve in the meantime due to a spare I have been hoarding keeping around since Scott and I combined our lives back in 2008! Now, do we buy the fridge and dishwasher now too?

Wow, talk about rambling...I am 99% sure no one cared that much about our appliance debacle. The moral is that we are back in real life where calories count and appliances break. We also have a few bad Noah habits to break as well. The first being letting him come out of his crib with his paci. We were doing really good until out jaunt to Grandma and Grandpa's and now we have about 10-15 minutes of wandering the house before he will give it up (usually with a bribe of a pretzel stick). Time to get tough.

So, that is what is going on around here. Cracking the whip on this thing called life. I have a new notebook filled with lists and notes and I am ready to tackle 2013.

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