Thursday, January 24, 2013


Finally, after a year off, I am heading back to the snow! 

I went to college at CU in Boulder, Colorado. As a result of my major choice (journalism), I was able to avoid ever having a class on a Friday. This meant from November to March I was free to ski at least once a week. Then, I graduated, got a real job, moved to California, got married and had a baby. All of these things put a serious damper on the number of turns I was making a season. But, this is what happens in this crazy game called life and I now relish in the opportunity to get in even 1 or 2 days a year. 
The last time I skied I was 6 weeks pregnant. I still skied pretty hard but could definitely tell any spare energy my body had was going to growing my little Noah (or "Yentil the Lentil" as he was known at that time).
Bliss. I wasn't going to bring this coat, but it is pretty cute, huh?!

Skiing is probably close to #1 on my list of favorite things to do (closely tied with "go to Napa and drink lots of wine") and I am so happy to be back on the sticks this year with 100% of my energy going to conquering the mountain (instead of growing a person)! 

Just for fun, a quick story about said ski trip from Christmas...note, my parents are coming too:

Mom: I won't ski every day. I need to soak up time with Noah. The snow can wait.
Scott: Same here. I can skip a day or two.
Dad: ::Crickets::
Steph: I'm skiing. Enjoy babysitting.
Dad: I'm with her.

We all know I love my boy, but we get a lot of quality time together. This week, the mountain gets my attention! Scott/Mom, enjoy him!

I am leaving my computer behind, but I'll return with a recap of our fun in the mountains late next week. Pray for snow!

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