Wednesday, July 2, 2014

1 Month Stats & mini update

Seriously belated but I wanted to get them up here for my records. They were actually taken at one month, just haven't blogged them.

My loves.
Length - 21.75in (50 percentile)
Weight - 9lbs. 15.5oz. (44 percentile)
Head - 15.83in. (99 percentile!!!)

Diapers - Size 1 (since day 2 of life!)

Blow Outs - 1. Seriously, 1. And this kid can deliver some serious results in the poo department. I think I owe this to going straight to size 1 diapers. We brought him home from the hospital in them and completely skipped the newborn size. They would have fit, but, the size 1s are doing some great things in the containment department. It's a bit like the night diaper theory...bigger diapers for overnight to contain more. Noah still wears a size up at night!

And just for fun, a very quick update on both boys:

Noah - He is a trooper. His life has been everything but consistent since Cooper came home. My parents come and go, Scott traveled for work, he has a new brother, school is on again/off again with new classmates (camp versus school year), etc. He has rolled with most of the changes and we are doing our best to keep as much "normal" as possible. His jealousy definitely rears its head from time to time, and mostly when I am nursing. I have had to get my expectations for him in check as sometimes I forget that he is 2.5 and that his emotions are extremely volatile and his "job" is to test boundaries regardless of the major life change that just happened. But, I seriously could not ask for a better boy. He is truly a gentle soul and is so loving 99% of the time. He has been amazing at independent play when he needs to and even plays baseball with himself (he plays ALL the positions) sometimes. I wish I could be two places at once but he now has a sibling and we are all getting used to the shared time. 
1+1=2! We have a little trouble getting him to hold up two fingers on the same hand!

Cooper - He is such a good baby. He rarely cries. I really don't think that he has cried unless he is hungry, ever. He is kind of funny in that department as he will go from sleeping peacefully to waking up screaming with hunger. When he realizes it is food time, it is TIME! He really does go with the flow of our family and makes outings with Noah very painless. We are starting to implement something resembling a schedule in the evenings with a nightly bath, bottle, sleep sack, and bed. It seems to be teaching him that night is for sleeping (though he still feeds every 3 hours, he quickly goes back to sleep). He is not a huge fan of the paci which is both a blessing and a curse. It is a learning curve for me as Noah loved (and still does) his. I am actually happy he doesn't require it but I do worry about airplane travel without is great insurance that you'll have a quiet kid on a long flight! Coopie is also a rockstar nurser. Efficient and not interested in just hanging out at the bar, if you know what I mean! Again, a blessing with a 2.5 year old acting out while I am incapacitated. Finally, he rolls from front to back. Tummy time lasts .5 seconds as as soon as I put him down he throws his giant noggin sideways and rolls back on his back! Sneaky little guy!
He has the best blue eyes right now. I can't remember Noah's ever being this blue so I am hoping they stick around!

Overall, life is really really good. We are all settling in and sorting out life as a family of 4. More soon! July is a busy busy month!

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