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Cooper: 2 Months

Two Months!
Here we are two months into this second time parenting gig. I might have said it before, but I'll say it again, how was one ever hard? I think about if we just had Coop and how easy life would be. That said, life with two is treating us really well and we are all finding our groove as a family of 4. Let's take this one family member at a time:

Dad: Scott is pretty much the best infant taker-carer-of EVER. He seriously has such a calm presence and really never flusters. Of course, he is equally amazing with Noah. Those two come up with such fun games to play together and the laughter I get to hear coming from outside or the other room makes me smile inside and out. I know Scott gets tired of the constant care taking that is currently going on around here. Having two kids on different schedules, one of which constantly needs something, doesn't exactly lend itself to kicking your feet up after a long day at the office. But, he never complains, steps right in to help, and even sends me off to Bar Method a few times a week. I keep promising him that it is just a few more months until we have our nights back (post 8pm that is!)!!
Coopie's first Giants game!
Mom: I am actually feeling pretty collected in this whole mom of two role. I have a really busy couple of weeks with a bachelorette party and shower I am throwing so I am feeling a little bit stretched in those areas, but as far as being "Mom", life is great. We have settled into a nice routine and despite the fact that I don't get to nap as frequently as I would like (read: almost never) the boys make it all worth it. That, and there's a glass of wine waiting for me after my 6pm feeding every night ;-). Speaking of wine, I can drink a glass of red and be ready to pump within a reasonable amount of time, but if I drink a glass of white, watch out! It pretty much just kicks me right in the rear and sticks with me for hours. Not sure what the difference is, but I'll be sticking to red as dumping milk on a Tuesday just makes me angry.
We really need to get this boy swimming more. He had such a blast in the pool.
Noah: My big boy. First the bad, which is brief. We went through a little bit of a phase of anger/jealousy/frustration? right around 6 weeks. He would try to hit me whenever I was nursing Cooper and it was 100% for attention as he would look right at me, fake a swat, and then make contact if I didn't react. Luckily, it passed quickly and he is back to his charming self. We are dealing with a little bit of whining and some clingyness to his lovey, Bear, but both of those things are manageable and we take those in stride. One thing that is very interesting to me is that he often tells us he is "baby Noah" in a very sing songy, high pitched (i.e.-baby) voice. We just roll with it and call him Baby Noah and about 30 seconds later he states, "I'm not Baby Noah, I'm a baseball player!". He definitely knows that Baby Cooper gets a lot of attention but I also think the attention has evened out a bit lately so things seem to be settling down.
Happy to give him all the snuggles I can to make him feel better!
Overall, Noah is a dream. He loves school, plays so well with other kids (aside from a bit of "mine" and sharing issues...which seems totally age appropriate), and has the biggest heart. He has started giving us the biggest bear hugs before we leave the house or before bedtime and loves to give out kisses. His imagination is so fun to watch as well. He will play for hours with his toys and it is usually about motorcycles (thanks, Grandpa!), baseball, airplanes, or some kind of truck. He is just as physical as ever and the amount of jumping, running, and climbing he does makes me tired just to watch! He is a bit of a scaredy cat these days as well. While he loves things from afar, getting up close and personal with diggers (there was construction going on down the street), street sweepers, trash trucks, etc. makes him completely panic. That, and mascots. The boy is petrified of them and reminds us of this every chance he gets. He also informed me today that he doesn't like the Easter Bunny and doesn't want to sit on him. We will rule out sporting events and Disneyland for awhile ;-). But, come Christmas, he is getting a picture with the Big Guy!
Oh, this face!!
One more random thing about Noah that makes me smile right now is his obsession with mustaches. He tells me whenever he sees one and even pointed out a Pringles can in the grocery store and noted that the cartoon on the box had one. He apparently doesn't like mustaches either, but seems pretty obsessed with calling them out!

Cooper: This baby could not be better. I thought we had it good with Noah, but Cooper is such a laid back guy. He seriously only cries when he is starving and is otherwise happy to kick around on his play mat or snooze. I keep threatening to start Moms on Call to get a good schedule going, but just can't quite find the right time to start that rigid of a schedule (especially with such a flexible baby). Currently we rise for the day around 6:30 or 7, feed at 8ish, and then go with the flow of the day. Around 8:30 Cooper gets his bath and then we give him a bottle sometime around 9 and put him down for the night. He wakes like clockwork at 2:30 and 5 to eat but has figured out that it is time to go right back to sleep so we are only up for 30 minutes usually. His evenings have turned from fussy to seriously happy times. He is typically awake from about 6-9 and will happily sit in a bouncy seat while we fawn over him, cook, eat dinner, get Noah ready for bed, etc. He is becoming so much more alert and gives us such wonderful smiles and coos these days. I would not be surprised if he rolls over early as he loves to throw his weight around while he is playing on his mat.I should clarify that I mean roll over back to front...he mastered front to back at one month and nine days!
Mr. Blue eyes.
Height: 23.5" (57%) Same height as Noah.
Weight: 12lbs. 10.5 oz. (46%) 2 pounds heavier than Noah!
Head: 42cm (98%) This could account for those two pounds ;-)
Diapers: Size 1 during the day, Size 2 at night
Clothes: 0-3 month items are hit or miss, 3 month items are a perfect fit! Noah was always behind the curve on clothes so it is a bit odd to have a true-to-size baby!

Cooper on the left, Noah on the right. I say they look like brothers but aren't twinsies!

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