Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cooper: 9 Months

Still the happiest guy around!
Height & Weight
Height - 29.5" (75th percentile)
Weight - 20lbs. 11oz. (between 50 & 75th percentile)
Head -  48cm (off the charts! love his cute little giant noggin!)

This is a face we see a lot right now. I think it has something to do with his top teeth coming in!
Eating -Pickiest.eater.ever. He has some crazy tactile responses to food. If I had to leave instructions for someone else to feed him it would sound absolutely crazy. "Baby food first, then he will refuse to eat any more but still scream at you, give him something crunchy (apparently he plans to live on crackers, but not Cheerios because, whoa, they are apparently poison), when he starts yelling at you again, try more baby food, no?, ok, drink of water, yes?, ok, more crunchy...". You see where I am going with this. And heaven forbid you give him avocado, banana, macaroni, etc. He can eat Goldfish like they are nothing but the aforementioned list makes him gag...that is if you can even get him to open his mouth for it. Sigh...
Deciding whether bagel is even remotely an option ( way).
He takes his bottles like a champ. On average 4, 6oz. bottles daily. But, when he's done, he's done. Such a stinker!
The boy does love his pizza crusts!
Sleeping (naps) - Business as usual here. Rocking two solid naps. One between 8:30 & 9:30am (lasts about 2 hours) and one in the afternoon sometime between 1 & 2 (another 2 hours).
Oh, hey there!
Sleeping (night) - No real change here either. Coop goes down for the night at 7 and wakes sometime around 4am for a 6oz. bottle and then back to sleep until 7am. He has surprised us by sleeping through the night twice this month. All the more reason to just drop that bottle...need to muster up some strength to let my happy boy cry a bit :-(.
I rarely actually get to see him asleep since he refuses to be rocked to sleep. Such a sweet little guy!
Clothing - Definitely out of 6 month clothes and pushing the limits on 6-9 month clothes. He is officially wearing clothes Noah wore at 1+. One thing we have a little trouble with is his giant noggin. Shirts that go over his head are a bit tough to get on/off! 
Coopie on the left, Noah on the right (Noah was only 7 months old so not an exact age comparison).
New this month - Nothing super remarkable but he does crawl super fast now, can pull up if he is super motivated, and loves to stand and play!
Here I come!!!
Look at me!
Cooper Likes - Mom. He has turned into such a Mama's boy. He gives the most amazing little snuggles and the moment I sit down on the floor he crawls into my lap and burrows his head in my stomach. When he is tired, he lays his head on my shoulder and it is absolutely heart melting. 
He really liked Disney on Ice!
Cooper Dislikes - When can Cooper start taking Greens?! Poor kid got croup, AGAIN!!!! He woke up from an afternoon nap with stridor so I high tailed it to the Urgent Care. Steroids + breathing treatment and a quick run by the ER (unnecessary trip in the end as by the time we got out of the waiting room the Dr discharged us)and he was on the mend. The breathing treatment was his first and hopefully his last. I don't think it did anything remarkable that the steroids don't do so I think I will pass next time if possible. He HATES to have his face touched so holding a mask on him for 10 minutes was agonizing for all of us. Fortunately we are all happy and healthy again! Me, too, little buddy!

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