Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cooper: 10 Months

Height & Weight - 
Still about the same as last month. 20-21 lbs.  
Love this little face. 

Eating - We are still dealing with some texture and food aversions here but have made a little bit of progress. The number one success is that he likes granola bars! It is so great to watch him actually get some quality calories in him. The main challenge here is finding bars without honey though. Slim pickins! I will say I am worried slightly less about it as each day it seems he is willing to try something new so we are hopefully making some slow & steady progress. 

Yep, this is our world. For the record, there was chicken nugget, macaroni, and vegetables on this tray! 

He takes his bottles like a champ. On average 4, 6oz. bottles daily. I have to imagine when we drop the formula he will pick up a bit on the solid food eating, too! 

Quesadilla was approved at the airport on the trip home! WOO HOO! 

Sleeping (naps) - Business as usual here although we need to start limiting naps to 3 hours total daily. Coop started waking between 5 & 6am for the day which means he was getting a little too much daytime sleep! 

Not the preferred napping method but I'll take anything on the airplane! 

Sleeping (night) - We made some great progress here (which was all demolished by traveling and sickness)! I talked with our pediatrician and decided that instead of crying it out, we were going to wean him off his nighttime bottle so he wasn't freaking out about not getting the calories. We were down to 2oz. of formula! One more week and we probably would have been finished. BUT, we went to St. Louis for a wonderful getaway, he got sick, add the time change, and we had some seriously awful nights. There were a couple of 2 hour stretches of him just being awake at night :-(. So, we will begin the process again and this time I KNOW it will stick since we have zero travel coming up. 

The zoo was not impressive ;-).

Clothing - 12-18 months. 12 months is even a bit snug! He can still fit into some 6-12 month pants but for the most part he is truly almost a 1 year old! 

We finally put some shoes on him. They lasted about 15 seconds! 

New this month - Pulls up like CRAZY and can get himself back down (hallelujah!!). He still is very hesitant to take any steps even when we hold his hands but he has gotten pretty adept at getting whatever he needs/wants! 

This was the scene before he figured out how to get back down.  He would stand up, get stuck, and scream until someone rescued him. Amazing at 3am. 
We also got our first taste of stranger anxiety. He was a little wary of new people in St. Louis and much preferred Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Papa. 
Granola bar! We apparently get really excited and document every new food he will eat!
We also popped a front tooth. It isn't visible from afar yet but it finally broke through! Three more are right on its heels. 

Cooper Likes - Everything! Well, except most foods! He is really the happiest guy around. He loves people, Noah still being his favorite, music (he dances the minute it comes on), snuggling, the carousel, baths, and a million other things. It is pretty hard to disrupt this little guys mood. 

There was music playing too so it was double the fun! 
He really enjoys splashing as much as possible in an attempt to both eat the water and flood the kitchen! 
I can't get enough of this picture! 

Cooper Dislikes - I sound like a broken record. Croup & another ear infection greeted us in St. Louis. I blame big brother as he ended up on antibiotics two days before we left. I guess this is what to expect with a second baby when big brother brings home zillions of germs from all his activities. 

This was visit #2. It isn't a trip to St. Louis without spending some quality time at Urgent Care. 

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