Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Well, I am unhappy to report that we are back.  While it is always good to be home, it is hard not to miss the island!

We had an AMAZING time celebrating our engagement and just enjoying some vacation time. I believe a story in pictures might be in order (it pretty much goes...gym/run, beach/pool time, cocktails, lunch, beach/pool time, enjoy sunset, dinner, sleep, repeat...).
One of the many gorgeous sunsets!
Mai tai anyone?

To add a little variety to the trip we booked a sunset cruise (I LOVE BOATING!).  This has been added as a MUST DO for any future trips.  It was very entertaining to try and drink our drinks while sailing along at a rather fast/windy pace...until it was at least halfway down it pretty much just blew out of the cup!

I could get used to this!
Scott, too!
The happy couple at sunset.
Oh, look at that, another one...
Sushi night number one (we enjoyed the freshness 3 times!)

One day we decided to hit the road for Hana with a plan for fish tacos at the Fish Market on the way back in Pa'ia. We didn't make it too far past Pa'ia before our need for the best fish tacos in Maui took over and we were turning around.  They were worth it!  I would skip the 4 hour drive for these any day (Scott's mahi sandwich was also to die for).  We also stopped at one of the zillion fruit stands on the side of the road and picked up some fresh banana and mango bread-YUM!
Scott at the Fish Market-you order from the chalkboard and the seating is family style.  A MUST on a visit to the island.
HAPPY HOUR-Scott and his Plantation Lemonade at Hula Grill while enjoying the live music.  I am surprised the island has any lemonade (or vodka and cranberry) after the number of these we consumed!
Self medicating my bizarre rash!
A few photos from our room before dinner

Scott's turn
Ready for my sushi...Sansei-another MUST!
dinner. me. again.
dinner. scott. sunset. again.

As I mentioned, I sure do love boat we went again.  This time on a snorkel adventure to Molokini.  Turned out the winds weren't cooperating so we headed for a different spot but the trip was fabulous.  Not many pictures as we were on a catamaran and the amount of water pelting us would leave any electronic device working.

View from the boat where we tied off to jump in to see the fishies!
We found champagne (it wasn't hard)!
What kind of CU fan/alum would I be if I didn't find the CU/CSU game (it wasn't hard either)! There were even a few other Buff fans there!

By this point we had moved from the Marriott to the Westin (if you want a hotel me...that could be an entire blog post).
The Westin did have flamingos on their side!
We ended up back at Sansei...too good to go home without a return visit!

Hula Grill's famous mai tai-yes, it is THAT good.

10 days, too many drinks, a lot of food, sun, and fun later, it was time to take the red eye home...
Not a happy camper.
I put a smile on for the camera!

After an ambien induced sleep we arrived in San Francisco.  After a few loads of laundry and unpacking...

GIANTS GAME!  I am not used to this weather.  I ended up with two jackets and mittens on!
Scott gave me his jacket!

Well, that concludes our two week adventure.  Stay tuned-Scott's birthday is this weekend and my Dad's 60th is the next!  We plan to sleep in October!

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