Sunday, September 6, 2009


I mean, REALLY, who is allergic to the sun?!  Apparently it is me!!  

I have been a sun lover for as long as I can remember.  Years and years of lifeguarding, many beach vacations, lots of training out in the hot Boulder get the point.

Well, sometime around day 3 or 4 of my vacation my body began rejecting the sun with a violent sun rash.  While I am not fully convinced this is actually the problem (denial is a wonderful thing!) I have been trying every possible suggestion I have read about to make this GO AWAY!  Aloe, lotion, higher SPFs, hydrocortisone, lanacane, benadryl...well, all of these things just seem to make it angrier!  FINALLY, I found 2 answers:

1-Lysine-it is actually for blisters and cold sores but seems to beat these bumps into a bit of submission.

2-nothing!  Yesterday I forgot to put sunscreen on my burn, no bumps!  STRANGE.  

Since no sunscreen is a rather unintelligent decision I have settled on just embracing my new friends.  Did I mention that is is like having poison ivy?  It itches like you can't imagine!

So, armed with my Coppertone 15 SPF, Lysine, and plenty of Plantation Lemonades (don't serve these to the kiddies!) to numb the pain, I am off to embrace my friend Mr. Sun.  By the way, either I am a genius at sunscreen application or this allergy is nicely maintaining my sun absorption because I have yet to have a hint of a sunburn...just a nice gradual tanning process. Love/hate relationship with this mystery ailment!

Scott and I determined that my skin somewhat resembles this little spotty plant!
Hard to see, but this is my neck/bumps.  These little guys are in remission now, though!  All gone!

And, yes, a visit to the Dr is in order upon my return from paradise!  

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