Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott!

As promised, a birthday weekend recap...

Friday night Scott was joined by friends at Ozumo (sushi) to ring in his birthday.

Thanks to Tommy, Cortney, Jeanne, Todd, Kyle, Chrissie, Karina, Robert, Nick, Kristina, Cru, and Jen for making the trek to the city (AND getting sitters) to celebrate. (Unfortunately we didn't capture everyone on camera, but below are a few of the pictures from the evening)

Me and the birthday boy!
Cru, Robert and Scott
Scott and Tommy
Scott taking a look at his birthday pineapple souffle type thing?  
Not a great picture but at least you get more people...(L-R)Me, Robert, Karina, Jeanne
Kristina and Nick

Friday night we awoke a few times to the sound of thunder.  I originally thought it was fireworks but quickly realized that fireworks don't go off at 3am!  Funny to be confused by a sound that I grew up with.  Saturday brought a lot of the same and so we stayed home to protect our scared little Lola from the storm!  Ok, really, it was rainy and gross and the idea of driving up to Napa seemed a little bit hard so we just relaxed on the couch for Scott's birthday. While it wasn't the most glamorous of days, we had a great dinner of burgers and a chicken sandwich at Barney's and even stayed up past midnight!  BIG night for us!  I didn't feel too bad though since I think he enjoyed his night on Friday (and the Hostess Cupcakes birthday treat).

Sunday brought more relaxing and a trip to church (where we are getting married-GORGEOUS) and a meeting with our priest.  Ah, let the wedding preparations begin!  

More fun this weekend...