Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy President's Day, Valentine's Day, and Lent!

Sorry, no pictures for this post...just a lot of blabbing.

This past weekend was fairly relaxing. Friday we just stayed in, cooked dinner, and watched the opening ceremonies! I didn't make it to the end...fell asleep after the parade of nations...oops!

Saturday morning was a gorgeous day in San Francisco and we were supposed to be heading out to the Presidio golf course to hit some balls and grab lunch at our wedding reception site. Well, there was an unfortunate accident that involved my foot and a wine glass (and no it wasn't a MAZEL TOV! kind of moment) so I was stuck on the sidelines. I did manage to hobble to lunch and it was great to envision our wedding that is happening in 191 days!

We are still barreling away with plans...hotel blocks-check, florist-check, DJ-check, invitations-check! Still lots to do but a lot of the big pieces have been taken care of.

Sunday we had brunch with Robert, Karina, Bente, Ian, Katarina, and the newest addition, Emma. We hadn't seen them since November so it was great to catch up and enjoy some delicious food and champagne! After a quick nap, we were off again...Valentine's dinner.

Here is my opinion of V day....bleh! I think it is silly. I don't even care that the card company created it, I just think it is a strange holiday. Why not celebrate your loved one every day? Why one day to love someone and have a dinner and, really, waste $$ on presents (and flowers and candy that are 3x the normal price)?! WHY?! I just think it is lame. Sorry to all you Valentine's Day lovers out there!!

That said, we put on our fanciest sweat pants and headed over to Crick and Kyle's for some dinner, wine, fun friends, and a rousing game of hearts! I had never played hearts except on the computer and I never really knew what I was doing anyway. Kyle brought us up to speed quickly and we had a great time with Crick coming out the winner!

Monday, more relaxing, bill paying, wedding planning, etc... All very exciting things. The #1 thing to take away from last weekend...sleeeeeeeep! I finally caught up on sleep it is a wonderful thing.

Ok...quick Lent update. I am not Catholic, Scott is, we are having a Catholic wedding, one day I imagine I will be, so therefore I am giving something up (even though I always have just because I enjoy the challenge). I am giving up pasta Monday-Friday and pizza for the full 40 days. It isn't that I eat a lot of these items, they are just small vices in my life and I figured that the less I have of them, the better. Plus, they are usually go to's when I am feeling too lazy to cook so this is also a nice motivator to make me think outside of the box in the kitchen.

All for now (sorry for the lame post...the next one will be much better)!

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