Monday, February 8, 2010

Paige comes to visit!!!

I am a week behind, so let's catch up...

PAIGE CAME TO VISIT!!! If you have visited the wedding website you know that Paige is one of my bridesmaids. I have been waiting and waiting for this weekend ever since she booked the tickets and it finally came.
There is not a single picture of the two of us from the weekend so here is a picture from Paige's wedding.

It was SO much fun. Paige and I hadn't seen each other since December of 08! The great thing is, we just pick up like we haven't skipped a beat. Although this time we had to pick up Miss Lily too! In the time since I saw Paige she had a baby. Lily is the greatest and her parents are very lucky I didn't send them home without her!
Very hip girl shopping on Chestnut St.!

We did a lot of relaxing, catching up, napping and a bit of sightseeing. Friday night there was a little plane mishap so after a round trip to the Oakland airport we all made it back to the house for some BBQ take out and wine. Oops, might have given Paige her first post baby hangover! Saturday morning we headed down to the Ferry building for brunch and exploring, then a quick driving tour of San Francisco. After a two hour nap it was time for a play date at the Strand Fam's!!

We did lots of playing and chatting before bedtime for kiddos. Then it was time for me to pull the pork!
According to Kyle, I have a meat pulling gift (or just an abnormal patience for it).

Dinner was SO good and we had such great company!

Sunday morning we slowly made our way out of the house and down to the marina to Balboa Cafe. MMMMMMMMMM!!!! Afterwards we decided to skip Fisherman's Wharf and just do a little local strolling on Chestnut St.
Like a kid in a candy store (Lily or Scott?!)

Lily zonked out so we took advantage and drove out to the coast so that Paige and Matt could check out San Francisco time I will actually challenge them to get in that freezing water!

Unfortunately by the time we got home it was time to pack up for the airport and send the Alford's back to Seattle :-(.

This time we won't wait a year plus to see each other again!

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