Monday, April 26, 2010

A day in my life

Or rather a small glimpse.

I work at a wonderful place where Lola is allowed to come along! Today I brought Lola to keep me from exercising without dr permission! Fingers crossed Thursday I will get the go ahead...
Lola spends most of her day on my lap (on her pillow of course). It only becomes a challenge when she decides to lay on one of my arms!
Sometimes the lap gets a little too hot so she makes her way to the nice cool floor. Apparently here she was just too tired to make it on or off the pillow at this point!

My cute little snuggler!

A lovely day for both me and Miss Lola.

Until we arrived home. Living in the city, parking can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, we have a garage and driveway space so it is rarely an issue for us. Until someone decides to park in front of your driveway.


With a coffee shop across the street mornings always bring this sort of thing (as a matter of fact as I was pulling out of the garage this morning a woman parked and got out of her car blocking the driveway...I might have been a bit sassy to her-oops!). I can handle the "sorry, just ran to get a coffee" bad park job. But this person has been there for 2+ hours now.

Luckily, I am not the towing or ticketing type. Well, not yet anyway. Today I have decided to take some kind of action.

I feel like this is a perfectly nice note. No threats of "next time we will...", etc... That said, I did make a note of the date, car make, model, and license plate. Next time maybe a ticket is in order?

I know, I live in the city, deal with it. But parking is a commodity here and I value being able to come home and zip into my garage!

Tonight...organizing the wedding binder, TV, and some couch time!

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