Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's about time... share some more wedding details (don't worry, a very exciting recap will also be in this post).

On Sunday we journeyed down to Union Square to run a variety of errands but also solidify our rehearsal dinner plans. It's official, we will be holding it at the Burger Bar in the Macy's building. We are really excited because it is just a few short blocks from the host hotel, the food is delicious, it has a terrific view of Union Square and it is in the budget.
Scott perusing the menu
The food selection. We are going to be serving sliders, fries, sweet potato fries, beer and wine. Those three little burgers might look small but they are incredibly filling! Scott wasn't even hungry for dinner.

I mentioned the budget above. This is an interesting link for your reading pleasure... But, I wouldn't trade the wedding we are planning in this wonderful city!

Scott also made the short stroll over to the hotel.

He said it looks wonderful and is very happy with our choice. Why didn't I make the journey? Well, this silly foot is STILL healing. I am SO ready to get back to running and starting my Bar Method classes. My first dress fitting is May 4th and this bod is in no condition for a wedding.

Ok, on to the much anticipated (I'm sure) recap.

Friday night we went over to Cortney and Tommy's for a dessert and champagne birthday celebration for Tommy. Cort put on a beautiful party with SO much delicious food. I was definitely in a sugar coma for at least 12 hours.

Saturday we journeyed south to get sized for our wedding rings. YAY! Turns out my engagement ring is a half size too big, but I would love for someone to try and get this puppy off my finger to be resized! Not going to happen!

Saturday night Tommy's birthday celebration continued in the city. We began the night at Smuggler's Cove. It is a traditional Tiki Bar and we had some delicious drinks!
It also happened to be Crick and Kyle's anniversary so they stopped by for a quick drink. Interestingly, 6 years ago Scott and I were in the same place (their wedding) and didn't even know it! Fun to look at where we are now!

From there we visited a new restaurant on Pier 5, Lafitte. The concept is really neat, the chef buys what he can find fresh daily at the farmer's market and the menu changes accordingly. Unfortunately this left them out of steak and frites and with some calf liver among the remaining choices. It was their opening week so I give them a few pity points, but all in all I don't see a return visit in our future.

I already updated you on Sunday...

Monday we got to go to the Goldman Environmental Prize awards ceremony. This is a client that I work on at the agency and definitely a rewarding experience. You should absolutely visit their website and read about what these individuals are doing with very little resources. After the ceremony we were all gussied up (it was held at the Opera House which was PACKED, Gavin Newsom was there, and Peter Coyote was the master of ceremonies-not a shabby event) so we decided to go out to dinner at one of our favorites, Terzo.

So far, a great start to the week. Busy weeks ahead...stay tuned!

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