Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2 Months to Go

Monday officially marked two months until the wedding! I can't believe it is almost here. For awhile it felt like time was moving SO slow and now I think we are in warp speed to the wedding. While there is still a lot to be done I feel like it is relatively under control. Not too stressed. Honestly, I think all the big items are taken care of and the rest is just details. Trying not to sweat the small stuff.

What I should be doing is sweating though! For some reason the time and motivation have just not presented themselves to get in "wedding shape". I am eating well and try to get out for runs regularly but I am really hoping that some bridal instinct kicks in that makes me work my tail off for the next two months. After the holiday weekend it is back to Bar Method and I will start adding more runs in.

Let's star this week and work our way backwards. This week was invitation week. Scott and I plopped down on the floor Monday and Tuesday night and stuffed, stamped, and sealed envelopes!
Please don't judge this mismatching RSVP cards and invitations. I decided they were close enough :-) 120 invitations ready to send!

This past weekend I boarded a plane bound for my old Colorado stomping grounds. Of course, there was a detour through Boulder for a stop at Mad Greens. I miss that place. Boulder and Mad Greens. I like San Francisco, but I love Boulder. Maybe it is the seasons, maybe the scenery...whatever it is, it was good to stop in and say, "hello"! Although it was pretty good to get home and say "hello" to my little family back in San Francisco too! Anyway, it was time to leave Boulder again and head to Breckenridge for some bachelorette fun!
The bachelorette, Jax, and me. There was hiking involved. Me loving the trees and trails! Whew, after out BIG hike (read: two miles) it was time to replenish. I also think this sign could sum up the weekend quite nicely. I think I am still on a sugar high. And then there was a night out on the town! Not a bad backdrop! Lucky for us we found a bar with an 80s cover band playing. The Breckenridge locals went all out for the occasion!

There were plenty of inappropriate games, gifts, and pictures that I will refrain posting on the blog. The weekend prior was pretty low key in the Koon/Retchless world. We did a little cleaning, shopping, and the big one-cleaned out the garage! We each tackled a different section and now you can officially walk through without fear of impaling yourself on some random item. I wish I would have taken before and after pictures because the results are truly amazing. We filled the entire back of my car up with stuff for Goodwill and managed to get that dropped off as well.

This weekend we are off to Calistoga for some fun in the sun with the Strand and Hyland fams. I promise my next post will be better. I am not feeling terribly inspired at the moment but wanted to get caught up.

I will leave you with a preview of my next post:

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