Monday, June 14, 2010

It didn't stop there

After the weekend with the guys it was time for my friend to come to town. Katie was in from New York for the weekend and of course we needed to try and eat and drink our way through the city! I can't say I was the best host, I was a little bit beat from the weeks prior but we managed to get lots of fun in.

Thursday we met for happy hour at District and then headed to Beretta for dinner. All of a sudden midnight rolled around...oops! Friday, the tour de SF continued with a trip to Terzo for more food and drink. Not really sure why the camera didn't make an I mentioned previously, I should be fired as a blogger. It was great fun nonetheless and I think I am still full!

Saturday morning I had my hair trial for the wedding. I do have pictures of this, but you will have to wait until the wedding! Then, Scott and I decided to pack a cooler and our pink and blue chairs and tailgate by ourselves at the Giants game! It was so H-O-T I took a picture of the temperature gauge on my car to prove it. But, this is the baseball weather I am familiar with so I gladly took in the opportunity not to pack my mittens for the game!
Yep, 93!
Scott tailgating in his blue chair
And me in mine. Please excuse the sunglasses and crazy hair!

Sunday, ah, a day of rest. YEAH RIGHT, what blog do you think you are reading?! Sunday we picked up Katie and Nicole and headed up to Napa. This weekends stops included Gloria, Nickel & Nickel, Oakville Grocery, and Robert Sinskey.
Nicole (Katie's co-worker), me and Kate (if you don't know where YOU should be fired from this blog)
I like this one :-)
Visiting the horses at Nickel
Me and Kate at Sinskey

And I will leave you with a little of Scott's latest art...

You know you want some of this cookie!

Phew, now I rest...

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