Tuesday, July 13, 2010


While Scott was away in Tahoe for his Bachelor Party I headed over to the Strand Fam's house on Saturday evening. It was the first time Crick and the kids had met Arnold Pomeranian and he was a HUGE hit. I think Lola is a bit relieved to have the kids chasing Arnold instead of just her.

I am pretty sure that Kayla thought Arnold was a walking stuffed animal. I mean, I can't really blame her, he pretty much is! In the video you will see when she realizes that AP has eyes!

The kids were really cute with both poms and Crick and I had a great night (of course I made her join my white food diet, scratch that, mandate).

For the record, I promptly ate some colored foods as soon as I was allowed to on Sunday!

Men and picture taking clearly don't mesh because all of the pictures of the Bachelor party are people mid wiffle ball swing or bean bag toss. If I get motivated I'll throw a few up or maybe even make Scott blog!

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