Friday, July 9, 2010

A brighter me

In an effort to beautify for the wedding I took a trip to the dentist for some teeth whitening. While I have dabbled with the "Crest White Strip" variety a time or two, I have never actually had my teeth whitened professionally. What an experience...

The whole process took about an hour and half and left me with instructions to only eat white foods for 3 days. I challenge you to try this as it is more difficult than it sounds. I think the worst things to give up have been my bars and Hershey Kisses (I have two a night after dinner). You see, I am a grazer. I pretty much eat every 2-3 hours and these snacks are usually Special K bars or something of this nature. Left without this I am HUNGRY! Probably a good thing with a wedding coming up but me hungry is just not pleasant to be around (just ask Scott-good thing he has his bachelor party this weekend).

Not really sure why I am rambling about this but it is my blog and I can do what I want, right?! On to some pictures...
Yes, I snapped a picture of myself in the chair. I also read emails, snoozed, and checked in on Facebook. An hour is a long time to not move your head.
My white dinner. This would be a pizza with no sauce, reduced fat cheese, mushrooms (ok, they are white enough!), and onions. Oh, and a glass of sauvignon blanc. It took every ounce of my willpower not to eat the whole pizza!
Ok, a non related picture but aren't they cute?!

All for now...

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