Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jax Gets Married!

This past weekend I flew off to Colorado once again for Jax's wedding.

I was also fortunate to get to see my friend and old boss, Tia, and her adorable twins. Unfortunately I didn't snap any pictures, sorry! Tia prepared a delicious lunch and we enjoyed some wine and catching up.
An old picture of my favorite PR team: Claire, Tia, Shelley and Me

Then I headed south to Denver to begin the wedding weekend festivities. We finished setting up at CB and Potts and were off on a weekend of racing around and trying to beat the clock!

While I don't think we were very successful at staying on time, we did get Kyle and Jax married which was the end goal anyway! I will tell the weekend in pictures. There are plenty more on my Facebook if you care to take a look.
Rehearsal Dinner
Speech time!
Too many bridesmaids in one Rav 4...Elexis had to sit in the trunk...
Fast forward through a dance party, sleep, a little set up, and hair and make up and here we are ready to put Jax in her dress!
Jax, Taylor and Me right before the ceremony
I got to see some old friends at the reception: Eric, Erika, and Kevin
Jax and her dad
Don't mess with bridesmaids and their wedding cake!
Or me and my cocktail :-)
Another one of my long lost Colorado friends, Joni
Lastly, me and the bride.

Congratulations to Jax and Kyle! It was a wonderful weekend.

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