Thursday, January 6, 2011

arrivederci 2010!

I have some new goals for 2011 for my house, the blog, and a little bit of everything else.  This includes a ridiculous number of Do It Yourself (DIY) projects.  Well, ridiculous in that my current tally is zero and there are at least 4 staring me in the face!  I have been inspired by what people are able to accomplish without buying new, expensive furniture or accessories and have realized that I can take on that challenge.  This is in addition to eliminating the clutter in the house and giving this blog a fresh start.  Obviously, the first thing was the face life earlier this week.  Now, I am going to wrap up 2010 and ring in 2011!!

The idea that I last left off at Thanksgiving is overwhelming to say the least.  December was pretty much out of control with commitments and I failed miserably by not updating as they passed.  That is probably how I ended up sick for the past two weeks as well.  All worth it!  

So, in a very weak attempt at catching up I give you December in pictures.

49ers Game!  "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco"...and my husband shows up in short sleeves.  I loaned him my puffy vest like a nice wife!

Michelle and Ray eating birthday ribs!

To Bernie!

I did a boat load of baking over the holidays.  We rarely go through a stick of butter yet I am pretty sure I went through about 8 in a two week time frame this December. 

Rice Krispy Treat Wreaths

Of course there was a celebration with the Strand Fam!


Arnold was mad he didn't get a present so he pouted on the couch.

And then off to St. Louis!  Two of my most favorite people in the whole world!

Reading Good Night Train

Annual Shatto/Koon family dinner

These hats officially do nothing for us!

Jordan, Lauren and the Retchlesses

Oh boy...Smith family Christmas.  I don't think much else needs to be said other than this was before the drinking began.

Merry Christmas!

Scott and I started and ornament tradition to signify the year.  His was commemorating the Giants World Series win.

Oh, socks!

Aren't we just a matchy little Christmas couple?

Home sweet home.

Santa?  No, just the necessary action to be taken when the satellite goes out!

Koon family Christmas...Grandma and her four kids.

Sorry, Al, Eli has officially taken over as my new best friend!


We missed having Derry around this season but at least she was there in iPhone!

A toast to Bernie to wrap up a magical 9 days in St. Louis.

Happy New Year!

It probably isn't a good thing that we have a party store a block away from our house!  I am pretty sure the entire restaurant thought we were crazy.

Crick and Kyle ringing in 2011.

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