Saturday, January 8, 2011

Resolution #1

My first resolution for 2011 might seem a bit strange.   No, it isn't to commit to a work out plan, lose 5 pounds, eat healthier, run, stop biting my nails, do a half ironman or anything even remotely similar to some of my past commitments...

I decided it was time to memorize my credit card number!

Yep.  Pretty ground breaking, right?  It was purely an act of laziness.  You see, the whole act of having to dig out my credit card to purchase the random photography book, TV adaptor, new shirt or anything else exciting I might run across online takes some serious effort.  So why not simplify the process and just memorize?

Well, I did.  And tonight it paid off.  I am not sure if any of you ever click through to the little links that live over to the right ---------->  But, one of my favorites is Enjoying the Small Things and tonight Kelle put out a call for readers to Pay It Forward.  What better use of my new 2011 skill?

I decided that I enjoy that she chooses to share her photos, family, and story with me and her readers daily and this is my way of saying thanks.  It's funny, bloggers have a knack for wiggling their way into your life in a way that makes you feel like you know them.  Who knows, maybe this small little blog will be that to someone else some day and maybe some day I will need something.  Karma my friends.  That, and it just plain feels good! Who could say no to this little face?
photo credit: Kelle Hampton

So tonight, I ask you to Pay It Forward as well.  If not to NDSS, to something that is close to you or makes you stop and think.  That is my January challenge to you.  Give back.

Resolution #2 coming tomorrow...

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