Friday, April 15, 2011

A couple updates

Well, we have actually been quite busy. Trying new restaurants, visiting friends, working, etc... You know, just living the good life. However, I have failed to properly document all the fun we have been having digitally. Blogger fail. 

SO, I leave you with what updates and photos I do have. 

First, I have some news that will hopefully positively affect this blog. I have officially gone part time at my job! This is very exciting news and I have a giant list of things to accomplish with my new found time. A few of these items include finishing starting our wedding and honeymoon album, learning to use my camera, a couple DIY projects, filing Arnold's pet insurance claim (it's not all fun and games), and lots of other good housewifely items. I'll report back on my progress.

Oh, speaking of reporting back on my progress. Lent. It's almost over and I have done a pretty good job sticking to my promise of giving up drinking. A sip or two may have made its way past my lips but I can confidently say that I have not a full drink to date! Come on Easter!!

And now, a few pictures:

Scott at Terzo
Me at Terzo. Oh, yeah, I chopped all my hair off. 
Giants Opening Day! They were playing the Cardinals which made me one happy camper! Above is our rival footwear.
Nothing like a transponster conference call on opening morning.
Cru, T, and Scott. A tradition for 6 years and many more to come. 
Kristina and I at Zeke's pre-game. 
It was a perfect day for baseball!
Much more summer fun to come. Stay tuned...

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