Thursday, April 28, 2011

The big one.

I think all the appropriate parties have been notified by now so it is time to make it blog official...Scott and I are EXPECTING!! Expecting a baby to be exact! So, no, I did not give up drinking for Lent, I gave it up for the baby and Lent just so happened to fall at a convenient time to be my cover (even though I think only 1 person actually believed me).

Phew, what a relief. We have known for two months and keeping this secret has been agony. I guess we might as well make this post a loooooooooooooooong one and start way way back when we actually decided to start trying. Grab a glass of wine (please, do it for me!) and get comfortable...

We actually decided that we wanted to start a family awhile before the wedding. The decision was made to "pull the goalie" after the wedding and we did just that. 
Time to start trying...
A word to those thinking of trying, going off the pill makes you crazy. Well, it made me crazy. You spend so many years trying not to get pregnant and then you take away the hormones and add the desire to want to be pregnant and all of a sudden there is a lot of stress. Everyone says, "Oh, just don't think about it" which of course is the exact opposite of what I did. I obsessed. I couldn't relax, and add work stress to that and I was just a hormonal crazy person. 

When I first told the doctor I wanted to get pregnant she told me the average time it takes is six months. 1. I didn't believe it would take that long for us, and 2. It took exactly that long. 

Towards the end of February I was feeling like I did every month and figured we had another let down coming. Turns out this is one of the first symptoms of being pregnant...tricky little body!!

After a quick trip to the doctor and a rush blood test (because who is going to make the "I want to know if I'm pregnant?" lady wait) we got the phone call from the doctor at 8pm that I was indeed 4 weeks pregnant. Shock and awe. I took one last GIANT sip of my Cakebread Zinfandel and started to process that what we had waited for was finally here.  
The night we found out.
Scott providing a re-reaction so I could capture it on camera.
We actually took this in week 5 because Scott was having a little trouble believing the mysterious blood test!

We of course called my parents immediately. I think I still have ear damage from all the screaming. And then, back to processing. We told a handful of people to keep us sane over the past 12 weeks but we were both pretty traditional and have waited until this 12 week mark to share the excitement far and wide. On Tuesday we got to see the pumpkin again, even in 3D. It is pretty amazing how much it has grown and developed since the first time we saw the teeny tiny flicker. 
Week by week belly pics. Sorry, I missed a couple :-(. A couple of notes...first, I will not be taking pictures of myself any more for obvious reasons and second, I think I might try to stick with the purple shirt for the remainder of the pictures for consistency.
So far, the little punkin has been very kind to this mommy. The number one thing I have dealt with is tiredness. Without a nap, 8pm is pretty much like midnight in my world. That has been not-so-pleasant when having social obligations with those who don't know. At one particular dinner I think I almost broke Scott's rib elbowing him to "get. me. outta. here." as the clock was striking 11:30 and there was talk of more drinks. 

Another symptom is the "hangover" I was getting daily from about 3-5pm. I never actually got sick  but I was definitely a little queasy and uneasy during these hours, however it seems to be subsiding this week. The miracle of the second trimester I guess. 

I have been able to stick to my normal habits (less of wine tasting) and the only change has been I have had to pick up the lighter weights at Bar Method (I fatigue much quicker) and modify a few exercises to keep the punkin happy. 

Punkin kicking around
"Hi mom and dad!"
I think that gets us pretty much caught up to date. I will continue with my weekend updates of what we are up to and will also start adding weekly pumpkin updates (I will be using punkin and pumpkin interchangeably) for all of you readers as well as for myself to chronicle the process of growing our first little baby. 

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LC said...

Awww...Stephanie! I am so excited for you and Scott! How wonderful :) I have to admit, I had a feeling with the whole alcohol and Lent thing. We used training for a half marathon as my excuse! Hope you have a great pregnancy and that you start feeling wonderful soon. (FYI, we got pregnant the DAY of our 2 year anniversary which was one day after we were home from your wedding!) Give Scott a huge hug from us!