Monday, July 2, 2012

Noah News: Week 34

Milk Light - Well, I am not back with a milk free update, but I am officially seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. It has been a looooooong week. It has taken a lot of will power to not pump and if I see another peppermint I might puke. I spent the latter half of the week wearing very loose fitting clothing to hide the lopsidedness (which I was convinced was going to be a permanent condition and was contemplating my surgical options) and have pretty much exhausted my pea ice packs BUT I think we are close to officially packing away the pump and being done with this milk factory fun for good. 

Scott thought he was funny on Friday night. Apparently I have been a bit obsessed with this whole weaning process.

I found some liquid sage which has been much more pleasant than trying to choke down sage tea. I have no idea which of my thousand remedies has been successful but some combination is working!
Strong Ticker - We paid our obligatory follow up to the cardiologist this week and heard nothing but good news about our little man's ticker. His EKG was perfect and while the doctor still heard his murmur she said she has zero concerns and to go forth and play! Should he still have a murmur at 2 we could possibly end up going back but even then she said she would likely do nothing other than advise us on sports that would be more safe for the little guy (i.e.-track, not wrestling).
A happy little heart patient.
Summer Babies - Noah joined up with this friends Max and Atticus at the park this week for a little watermelon eating contest. It is so fun to see him with other babies! It has also been great to see these three grow together from little blobs into toy stealing little monsters.
Noah, Atticus and Max enjoying their summer treat.
Holy Guacamole - FOR REAL this time. Scott and I made a stop at Chipotle for lunch this weekend and decided to give Noah some guac to try. Verdict: love. It might have been the "spoon" we used to serve it but he just kept gobbling it up.
The aforementioned "spoon"!
Washing it down with a little water.
Mother's Instinct - I'm sure it is 100% coincidence, but of course the week after Noah weaned he got sick. By Friday I had this gut feeling that his ear was bothering him and decided we needed to go to the doctor before the weekend. While the scheduler was not thrilled that I wanted to bring in my fever-free, teething baby to have his ears checked, she obliged and off we went. And, guess what? He had a red little ear with some fluid going on. Yep, I was right. That said, it was very minor and we are trying to let it run its course without antibiotics, but we have them, just in case. :-)
Sick face :-(
Let's be honest though, he still looks like this most of the time! Silly scrunchy nose.
Fancy Pants - Saturday night Scott and I put on our fancy duds and headed out to a wedding. This was our first wedding to attend since ours and it was really fun to recall all the favorite parts of our own day as well as have a nice night out together. 
It's fun to get all dressed up once in awhile.
Donning the Orange & Black - This weekend it was time to dress up our little Cardinals fan in some black and orange for his second baseball game. Ok, ok, he can pick who he wants to root for when he is old enough ;-) and until then I will support the Giants love. He was a great fan, once again, and we all had a really nice day at the ballpark. It is really exciting to do some of the things we did before Noah with him and realize that they are just as fun, if not more, because we are sharing it with our favorite little person! 
Dad rocking the Ergo!
Giants baby.
** I would like it to go on record that I am early in getting this week's post up! Just to make up for my past and future tardiness.

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