Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Noah News: Week 35

A couple of things I failed to mention last week (a week 34 addendum, if you will):
1 - We officially have teeth! Well, tooth and a nubbin primed to break through. It has been a tough week of teething with a cold & ear ache to boot but hopefully we are nearing the end!

2 - I have been packing up a lot of outgrown clothes the past couple of weeks and have been dumbfounded about the fact that he is already out of his six month clothes. Then I realized that Noah is 8 months this week and is closer to the 9 month mark than 6. Time to unpack the next box of hand-me-downs!!

Free Style Standing - Noah has taken his love of standing to a new level this week. He no longer needs something to pull up on, he can just stand up right in the middle of the floor. He is also obsessed with doing everything in a standing position (eating, bathing, holding things that weigh as much as he does, playing, etc...). So far, no steps, but I imagine we aren't too far away from him trying to make some forward motion.
You know, helping my vacuum by holding the cord. Probably not my most shining parenting moment.
Chomp Chomp - I had a thought for a half a second about doing Baby Led Weaning but then opted for the more traditional (read: easy) route of purees and standard baby foods. That said, I do try to give Noah the opportunity to try whatever I am having when it is safe and convenient. It gives Scott panic attacks but so far we have only had to give a few back slaps to avoid any serious choking incidents. This week we added fries and risotto to our list of "real" foods the little man has eaten.
Fun with purees.
First french fry. For the record, it was a pretty "organic" french fry...no salt, and pretty un-greasy.
Nap War #725 - Holy sleep disaster. Noah gave us a run for our money this week in the sleep department (there is always something going on with sleep and kids, I swear). At one point I came in to wake a sleeping Scott and let him know he had to step in or CPS might come and take my poodle away. Of course, I am exaggerating, but I was at the end of my rope with a little boy who was beyond exhausted and refusing to sleep. Luckily, I think we have sorted out most of our issues by making the transition from 3 naps to 2, daily. The naps are longer with more awake time in between. So far, everyone is happier and the fighting has ceased!
I pretty much waited until he was falling asleep playing to try and put him down for naps to avoid the inevitable fight.
Hitchin' a Ride - Arnold Pomeranian is a bit of a hilarious character. We live in Northern California. I am pretty sure the temperature hasn't broken 85 all summer however AP apparently thinks that we are in the midwest with his antics. On a recent walk he decided he had had enough and was pretty much going to lay down in the middle of the sidewalk. I devised a better plan...
Yep, AP cruised along on the front of the Bob. Kicking baby feet are apparently a better option than walking.
Baby Your a Firework - (I award me zero points for headline originality) We stayed a bit closer to home for the 4th this year and made an overnight visit to the Strand Fam's for some Independence Day fun. It was just as the 4th should be...full of friends, kids, wine, pool, BBQ, outside lounging and fireworks. Oh, and did I mentioned Noah slept without a PEEP from 7pm to 6:30am. This was through throngs of kids screaming and playing, fireworks and (gasp) a not pitch black room to fall asleep in (I know, I know, my kid needs to learn that life isn't full of black out shades). 
Baby Noah...entertainment for all.
This is what a half sick, completely tired baby at the pool looks like. He slept for 45 minutes in the Ergo shortly following this shot.
I am going to make them all reenact this photo in 15 years.
Tanner was a very sweet cousin and let Noah play with his fire truck. Clearly, this made Noah a very happy baby.
That's My Dinosaur! - I have been pretty lackadaisical about "training" Noah to wave, clap, etc... I feel like we do these things and in time he will follow along. Most of our learning is play based, and so far he is right on track. This week was really exciting because he caught on to our touchy feely books. He grabbed one, opened it, and started "petting" the pages. Of course, I ran out to the bookstore and got 3 more because I was so excited that he "gets it"! It is really cute to watch and equally hilarious to watch him try and feel books that don't have any fun textures ;-). 
Well, the book he loves is in  the picture but the one of him actually "reading" it is not nearly as cute as this little face (and hand, "hi, blog readers".
Couch Surfing - Guess what? This past weekend we only had 1 obligation. For the whole weekend. Yes, I have noted the date for posterity. Our one obligation was the Crusick boys birthday party which was a great excuse to sit outside and visit with friends...so, not so much an obligation as a nice visit to the park! The rest of the weekend was spent rotating on and off the couch and spending as much time in my robe as humanly possible. Of course, there was a trip to Urgent Care for me and my never ending milk supply...but even I am tired of hearing about this so we are going to leave it at that. We'll go ahead and call it a great relaxing weekend. 

Ugh, he is too cute for me to handle.

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