Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Noah News: Week 36

I took 2 pictures all week. 2 (and they are both mediocre at best). Blogger AND Mommy fail. Anyway...

Food Blues - I am no longer pregnant, nor nursing a baby. My body has also finally received the memo that we don't need milk any longer! So, now that my body is 100% mine again (aside from the 8 month old who thinks I am his personal jungle gym and grabbing toy) I am having to make some big adjustments. While being able to have a glass of wine at 5 and not having to worry about alcohol in my milk is amazing, it is also going to go straight to my hips. This new found freedom is sprouting some interesting limitations...calories. I am no longer a calorie burning machine and the days of not thinking much about what I eat or drink are o.v.e.r. My first order of business was to ban animal crackers from our house. Luckily, with the lack of need for extra calories, I am also not ravenous every second of the day. That said, I am trying to learn how to eat like a normal person once again and it is proving to be challenging from time to time. I am also trying to kick up my workouts to even things out. I guess the moral is that I have rejoined every American woman in the battle with body image and weight and need to remember where I fit in in this long forgotten society!

P.S. - I had Velveeta Shells & Cheese for lunch today. I am clearly doing great on my commitment to being fit & healthy. :-(   (BUT, Noah thought they were amazing, too. A kid after my own heart.)
Peanut in the swing again! He loves this thing (and watermelon).
Baby Steps - No true forward motion just yet, but we are starting to see an interest develop in Noah that makes us think he might be considering some independent steps. He has started stepping around things (not so much side steps, but a few little shuffles here and there) and has tried the occasional forward step which is really more just an off balanced one legged stand/fall. All in all, baby steps toward baby steps. (Is anyone else thinking about What About Bob?)

Birthday girl, Hanna, with Noah.
It was a light news week around here. Noah and I enjoyed plenty of outside play time, visits with baby friends, and our standard weekly routine. We spent the weekend with a trip to Santa Cruz for a dinner, lunch with friends, and celebrating Hanna's 9th Birthday. Pretty much a standard week in suburbia for this family of three. We need to soak up all the time we can because next week's Noah News will be coming to you from ST. LOUIS!!!!  WOOOHOOO. Please pray for me on a 4.5 hour flight, solo, with a son who refuses to be still!

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