Friday, September 14, 2012

Noah News: Week 44

I know, I know...I'm late. My wonderful husband has reminded me of this fact daily (hourly). But, here it is!

Saying Goodbye - Lola's ashes arrived last week. To say receiving her in a tin was very strange is an understatement. BUT, surprisingly I held it together and we were able to take her to her final resting place on Sunday. It was a truly wonderful day and 100% a celebration of her spunky little life.
This was supposed to say, "In Loving Memory"....I kind of like the error...makes me laugh.
A very special place for our little family...Crissy Field.
Scott and Lola (of course there were bubbles to mark the occasion).
Setting her free.
Our favorite little boy enjoyed the Field as well.
May she run forever.
Carnivorous Baby - Scott and I decided to have a little family date night last week. Dining with Noah usually means a complete table rearrange to avoid knives, place mats and wine glasses flying onto the floor.  Our #1 way to keep Noah happy...keep feeding him. The more interesting, the better.
Nothing like a good rib to gnaw on (we might have owned dogs for too long before having a baby!)
Happy Birthday, Scott! -Wednesday we celebrated Scott's birthday in low key fashion. I definitely dropped the ball on his birthday this year. I knew it was coming, ordered presents, but just couldn't pull off anything truly "special" this year. So, this is my public apology and I promise to
rise to the occasion next year!
Noah is not so keen on being held these days!
Best of the bunch.
Not on his birthday, but how cute are these boys in their hats?!
Noah Doolittle - I decided that Noah and I needed a fun outing so we set off for Happy Hollow. This place is kind of is playground, petting zoo, real zoo, amusement park, and open space all rolled into one. I was a bit concerned that Noah would be indifferent to the creatures but he actually LOVED them. It was a great day and I see many visits in our future.

Hey, Goat!
What animal is next, Mom?
Haaaaaay, is for horses! This horse kind of wanted to nibble on Noah's little fingers ;-).
 A few "a day in the life" photos to round out the post.
I love him. And he loves this basketball.
Thank you, Gap, for these adorable PJs.
Hot mess. A typical post meal scene at our house.
Noah is a serious help when it comes to cleaning.
Noah has an odd obsession with PSY. He gets transfixed and then will start laughing and dancing. I am pretty sure he doesn't truly know what to think of it. Neither do I!

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