Monday, February 4, 2013

this, that, and the other thing.

February? Really? Where did January go?! The year is off to a flying start and we are as busy as ever. Scott and I were looking at our calendar yesterday and realized there were all of about 3 days that didn't have some kind of commitment penciled in. Since the new year has sucked all of my free time right away, I leave you with a recap of January in pictures. 
Confession: Noah has "bear" and "back up bear". They are interchangeable but he absolutely must have one to sleep. Sometimes, when back up bear is out at the same time as bear, I steal him for a sleep snuggle for me ;-).
We paid a really fun visit to the Strand Fam on MLK Day and the kids had a blast playing. It is so great to have them all at an age where they can play together.

Noah is in "gymnastics". It is really one hour of free for all around a gymnastics facility, but Noah LOVES it!
We hosted a few football playoff parties. While the Super Bowl outcome was disappointing, the food at each party was not!
Skiing. It was amazing. I would like to move back to Colorado ASAP.
Another perk of being in Colorado...PAIGE! It was such a treat to get to fall back into old habits and laughter with a great friend while tearing up the slopes!
Vacation also means eating Doritos on the coffee table.
There was an area just for littles. Noah got to go tubing/sledding all by himself. He loved it but I think all the gear that he had to wear was a bit of a downer.
We got to the airport a little early and had to entertain this little mover for 3 hours before our flight.
This is what Mom looks like after about hour 2. Fortunately, we were able to get a small nap in (for Noah, not me).

Super Bowl party day.
And that is a fairly lame wrap up for our happenings over the past month. We are staying put in California for 99% of February so hopefully you'll hear from me more :-).

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