Friday, March 22, 2013

more happenings.

Similar to last time, here is what is going on around here:

Bar Method Challenge - I am SO glad that I decided to hold myself accountable for this. It would have been very easy to blow off a class or two, but I stuck with it and showed up. And, guess what? I felt better after going (happens every time, you would think I would learn!). This was specifically true after our whirlwind weekend which landed us back in SF at 11pm on Sunday night after a weekend of celebrating Derek & Sarah. I was spent on Monday but showed up for my level 2 class anyway. I left feeling much more energized and ready to take on dinner and bedtime! I have three more classes to squeeze in this week before this thing is over, but so far, I am happy I am taking the challenge.
I wash about 5 pairs of these a week.
Braces - I got braces! Ok, not real braces...twice was enough metal for me...but Invisalign. Pretty much everyone I have told this to looks at me sideways. My teeth are pretty close to straight and I didn't need to fix them. BUT, my four top front teeth are staging a coup against me and trying to relocate in an overlapping, up & down fashion. It bothers me. I see it in pictures and it makes me frustrated. So, instead of waiting for the problem to get worse, I decided to fix it now, and hopefully quickly! I picked up my shiny new plastic trays yesterday and we are on the path to a straighter smile

Here is my before picture. I actually have my trays in so you can see that they aren't all that noticeable. Watch out front teeth...your overlapping love affair is OVER.
Wedding Fun - As I mentioned, this weekend we traveled back to St. Louis for a wonderful celebration of Derek & Sarah! They tied the knot on Saturday and we had such a great time kicking off their new life together. I love weddings and especially those that are clearly so meant to be!

I mean, cutest date imaginable.

A very close second. Sorry, Scott...Noah has you beat :-)
Not even capable of captioning this.

Family photo. Love.
Kate paid a visit - Remember the good ole days when I was blogging about Kate coming to visit every month. Now I have to settle for a couple times a year (her new job doesn't see it reasonable to send her to SF when she doesn't have clients here...lame!) so we make the best of it! We were lucky enough to have Michelle watch Noah so we could squeeze in some adults only time up in Napa. It was odd not to have my sidekick but a very relaxing day.
Ah, Gloria, how we love you.
Preschool - We enrolled Noah in preschool! He won't start until he turns two, but we found a great school nearby that he will attend twice a week. I think he will love having some new little buddies to play with, plus lots of new activities and experiences. 
Can't believe we are talking about school for this little guy!
Overall, life is pretty much business as usual around here. Noah is as busy as ever and we are working on ways to keep his boredom at bay. Apparently, he is not enthralled by the 3000 toys we have at our house so we have to get out and about to keep him happy. Probably good as I was getting used to laying around in my robe until 11am every day! Now that he has officially dropped his morning nap, it is time to say farewell to leisurely mornings of coffee and the Today Show, and hello to parks and classes. More work for me, but I am sure am happy to have such a curious little guy who loves to see new things!
Hiking with friends. They all looked thrilled!
Color fun. He made those squares all by himself ;-).
I am feeling a little "blah" about blogging lately so I am going to take the pressure out of it and just check in occasionally until I feel like I have more to say. It was really fun to blog our pre-baby adventures, my pregnancy updates, and Noah's first year. I refer back to those posts a lot to grab a recipe or just see what my bump looked like 15 weeks in ;-). But, these days, we are just a toddler chasing family doing what other suburban families do. The blog will remain, and I will visit you all, but just sporadically for the time being. Until next time...

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