Wednesday, February 27, 2013

this, that, and the other thing.

this. this is what we have been up to lately:
He actually managed to turn on the TV by himself. Looks pretty proud, huh?!
Hair cut #4. His hair grows alarmingly fast! The mohawk lasted about as long as this picture ;-).
We have had some amazing weather so we took to some yard work.
Clearly a pre-haircut picture!
Wake up snuggles are my favorite!
We had a sleepover at Kayla & Tanner's house! Noah adores his cousins! He literally stood here and watched Kayla drink her milk.
We discovered the sand box. After a quick trip to Target we are officially equipped with our very own sand tools (which Dad will put to good use...sandy/dusty feet and hands could be a form of torture for me).
Oh, Hoffman in the hood. No big deal, just giving him a ride.
A new fun game: put my food on my head and smile at your reaction. It is taking a great deal of patience to keep a neutral face!

that. that bar method winter fitness challenge:

Typically I take class 3-4 times a week. I always aim for more, but life gets in the way. Sometimes the logistics just don't work out, and sometimes I just can't tear myself away from evening family time to go to the studio. This challenge seemed like a great opportunity to push myself to get those extra classes in each week and keep seeing all the amazing results Bar Method has to offer. Also, an aside/update, I have been doing all push ups on my toes for a week now...well, almost all...I can't quite do 30 straight yet, but I feel stronger each class!

That said, I need to be realistic about this challenge. I want to hit that 20 class mark in 30 days. Badly. But, we will be in St. Louis for 4 days, Scott has some work obligations, and I have a very special visitor in town from New York (KATE!) for a couple days. All of these things combined makes the back half of this challenge a little ridiculous with scheduling classes.

So, I am aiming for 20. I will be disappointed if I don't get 20. BUT, I am also not promising 20. I have a (very supportive) husband, son, and life that all must work together to make this happen and we will just have to see where we net out!

the other thing. that thing!:
The nasty, brown, ugly fireplace. This picture isn't the greatest, but you get the idea. I have looked at this for 18+ months and one day I just couldn't take it anymore...
So Scott came home to this. One day during nap, I grabbed the primer and went to work.

Much better. Not perfect, but much better! One day we'll reface it, but this is a nice place holder. Any recommendations for what to put in the funny little cut out above the fireplace?

Well, off to pack. We have an exciting wedding to attend this weekend!

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