Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Baby 2

I guess the title is kind of a giveaway of what this post is about! But, just in case you're confused, Scott and I are excited to announce that Baby R #2 is due to make an appearance in late May, 2014 (whoa, that seems far away!). I've been blogging throughout the process so far but just haven't hit the "publish" button. So, to anyone out there that might still be checking in on this silent blog, there will now be new content on a fairly regular basis. That said, 99% of it is going to be about pregnancy. I will definitely splash in some Noah News and random updates, but primarily, I will be updating on this little bun in the oven. 

Also, I have decided to schedule all of my posts to go up in the middle of the night so that any moms up nursing at 3am (hi, allie!) will have some new internet content to read. Just something I remember wishing for in those first few months so I figured I might as well do it! 

And, without further ado, the first post: 

Written September 15, 2013
It's 8:57pm and I feel like I could sleep for a week. But, here I am blogging so that I can begin the documentation process for Baby #2!!

I can't say I am quite as motivated this time around to take weekly pictures and post about my cravings, weight gain, and general pregnancy nonsense. But, I also love to look back on those posts from Noah and want Baby #2 to feel that same love that Noah had. So, here goes nothing!

Finding out.
Scott and I decided to start trying for Baby #2 around July. With Noah, it took 6 months for us to get pregnant so we figured start then and be ok with however long it took (I knew it would be quicker mainly because there was less stress on the whole thing).

Finding out was a bit random. I never really had any indications one way or the other of whether I was pregnant so I pretty much took pregnancy tests like they were sticks of gum for about 2 months.

Last week, I took one mid week and if I held it up to the light and tilted it at a very particular angle, there might have been a faint positive sign. But, it was a cheap-o Walgreens test so I gave a few points to that, and a quick nod to the fact that it could be that my hCG levels were just starting to rise.

Friday night we had friends over, drank way too many margaritas, and woke up on Saturday moving a bit slow! Scott was also due to fly to Amsterdam for work that day so we got him ready and off to the airport. After I got Noah down for a nap, I decided to check out the funny little barely-there positive sign again and this time it appeared within seconds and it was anything but faint.

I decided that I needed to double check and went and got a slightly more reputable (read: expensive) pregnancy test and, sure enough, plus sign within seconds.

Please remember, Scott is in Amsterdam. Or, more accurately, on a plane somewhere over the Atlantic. I decided I didn't want to share the news with him via phone so I set to work on a really fun craft for when he gets off the plane back in SF!
My craft. I was pretty proud of how it turned out!
In the meantime, I am going crazy because I can't tell him about it, and it is consuming my every thought! I want to tell him I am exhausted and that I spent approximately 5 hours faking alcohol consumption at two separate events today. Oh, the joy of the first trimester! I actually intend to tell most of the people I saw today before the 12 week mark, but figured my husband should probably be the first to know ;-).

As far as how I am feeling...tired, yet having a horrible time sleeping. It's funny, Friday I didn't feel tired at all, but now that I know I'm pregnant, I feel like a narcoleptic (who can't sleep...what gives?!). I think a lot of my lack of sleep is just excitement and not being able to tell Scott. Until Saturday, I had a PhD in napping but the past two days I can't quite fall asleep. Maybe I just need to get my Snoogle back out!

Otherwise, I feel the same as usual. I would say I feel like I am expanding a touch and have a feeling I'll show sooner than I did with Noah. Hoping we can keep total weight gain the same as it was with Noah though (and that it falls off as quickly...a girl can dream, right?!).

I don't think I have much else to report at this point so I am going to hit the sack and pray for some solid rest! Until next time...

We'll call this week 6 (?). I took it while Scott was in Amsterdam so it was early.

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